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November 23, 2013No Comments

24 Hours of Happy

This week there has been a frenzy of music video innovation.  From Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone Interactive video to Pharrell Williams, 24 Hours of Happy its we are seeing a music video comeback instead of throwback.  The website is at 24hoursofhappy.com and was created by French directing team We Are From LA and produced by Iconoclast.

When visiting the site, you join the clock at whatever the local time is. You can then check out different times of day and different scenes, all set to the sounds of Happy, which continues playing seamlessly throughout. Shot in different settings around the world, the footage features people dancing to the track: Pharrell pops up on the hour every hour, and there are cameos from other famous folks including Tyler, The Creator, Magic Johnson and Jamie Foxx.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 7.38.26 AM

The website allows you to share specific moments with friends via Facebook or Twitter. This is a useful feature as, let's face it, not even the most ardent Pharrell fan are likely to watch the full 24 hours -- at least not while still liking the song.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 7.36.05 AM

February 26, 2012No Comments

Eurostar Live

The marketers and agency at Eurostar just got it right with a simple idea. The launch of Eurostar’s new platform, Eurostar Live brings social media commentary by the public about Eurostar’s destinations to 363 public display screens across London.




The campaign highlights hidden gems in Eurostar’s destinations, starting with Amsterdam.  I love that they tie in to existing social behaviors we all do when traveling.  Engage at: http://europe.eurostar.com/eurostarlive/

Eurostar Live via @jpenabickley

December 11, 2010No Comments

on: project hope

Jigsaw a creative group based out of Milwaukee came up with an heart-warming interactive exhibit at St. Vincents Regional Cancer Center at St. Mary’s Hospital where 7,000 guests could engage with a 45′ X 7′ rear-projecting interactive wall. Guests could walk by the wall, engage with hundreds of hand written messages drifting around the color changing field. Guests could then us a stylus to write a message of hope on a kiosk which would be re-written on the wall. This wall was a living, breathing organism. Some of the messages would read “Hope is a smile on a child’s face,” “Hope is another year with my mom”, “Hope is my family”. This exhibit blurs the line between a creative campaign and makes an emotional connection with each member that views it, breathes it or lives in the space it is in.

Screen shot 2010-12-09 at 2.55.15 AM

The messages submitted are displayed in their original handwriting on an experiential site. The “Hope Is___” site [@ http://www.stateofthearthope.com/hopeis/] invites people to share their message of hope with the community and read other inspirational messages.

on: project hope via @jpenabickley

October 31, 2010No Comments

on: jay-z: decoded

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 11.13.22 PM

Jay-Z has partnered with Bing! to create an interactive treasure hunt . When you discover places in the book, online and off, you can “decode” them.

Check out the Decoded site - http://bing.decodejay-z.com/?fbid=bx5X8b8DMcd&wom=false

on: jay-z: decoded via @jpenabickley

August 28, 20102 Comments

on : southwest airline’s chief apology officer

"Without service there are only buyers, not customers" - Lester Wunderman 2009

Southwest Airlines has assembled a team of digitally savvy apologists to reach out to customers they disappointed. Their main task is following up after all sorts of crummy customer experiences like misplaced baggage, flight delays, and even stuff out of their control like bad weather.  [via WOMMA]

Like TwelpForce and Comcast, Southwest Airlines knows that great customer service leads to loyalty. This is the type of proactive customer care that builds brands. People are accepting of mistakes when a brand representative acknowledges the mistake and proactively tries to fix it.

read more about Southwest Airlines approach to customer loyalty in the Chicago Tribune.

on : southwest airline’s chief apology officer via @jpenabickley

August 13, 20102 Comments

on: diesel’s facepark

All the cool kids say so... social media is bullshit.   Diesel hosted an "analog" party to engage people in Germany with the brand. They encouraged people to get off the computer (and stop reading blogs like this) and go out to meet instead of tweet.

Thanks to @adsoftheworld for the find.  Check out http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/diesel_be_stupid_facepark  to view the case study.

on: diesel’s facepark via @jpenabickley

August 10, 2010No Comments

on: uniqlo’s lucky switch

Who says banner ads don't work? UNIQLO proves we may be doing it wrong!
Uniqlo developed a banner ad campaign so compelling, unique and interesting that bloggers and viewers actually took ownership of the campaign and made it a viral success – in terms of both brand impressions and sales.
The banners are actually blog badges or widgets, that work like instant-win lottery tickets. Clicking the ’switch’ turned the images on any site - including other retail sites - into Uniqlo instant win tickets, with losing tickets remaining as banner ads.


The campaign ultimately generated almost 3 Million clicks, with over 4,00 blog badges installed, and a retail sales increase of 120%. This in contrast to the usually low click-through rates associated with traditional banner ads.

[ via Brandflakes for Breakfast ]

on: uniqlo’s lucky switch via @jpenabickley

August 3, 2010No Comments

on: creative errors

A large part of experience design is designing for the we know the user will do and then taking it a step further in designing for what we know they can do.  Error pages are often neglected by designers because they are rarely seen, or at least that’s the plan. But we all know things happen. A visitor may incorrectly enter a url, or try to find something on your site that just isn’t there. These are times when the 404 page will receive a few visits, but visiting an error page isn’t necessarily part of a pleasant user experience.  In this post I have rounded up a few of my favorites.

nokia's ovi love

Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 2.56.16 PM



at first sigth






product planner




xhtml kitchen






on: creative errors via @jpenabickley



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