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July 8, 2014No Comments

Business Insider Intelligence produces Snapchat report

Business Insider Intelligence has produced a report about Snapchat, with some pretty impressive figures. The app has 82 million monthly active users globally, as of May 2014, of whom the majority are female. 70% are aged between 13 and 25, and two-fifths of 18-year-olds claim to use Snapchat ‘multiple times daily’.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-primer-on-snapchat-and-its-demographics-2014-6

April 14, 2014No Comments

ON: Behind Dibs Film Fest Big Idea

While the idea
was simple - The Dibs Film Festival was not an easy production.

As many of you know I
gave birth to this idea at TracyLocke, then in between gigs (my move to
Wunderman) I spearheaded the digital, broadcast and out of home
creative along with writing styling of Snack's Jennifer Leuzzi

There were many production and technical partners involved.  Some of
those partners were great.. and others not so great.  MTV was a great
media partner. As expected they have delivered eyeballs, buzz and
clicks. Where they fell down was their digital technology production.

Dibs Film Festival Players
Brand Conversation Strategy, Experience Design + Writing = BlueFusion
Retail Strategy & Creative, Account and Project Management = TracyLocke
Flash Interface Development & Banner Advertising = ID Society
Site Technology + Hosting = MTVN's Digital Fusion Group - outsourced to Reality Digital
Widget Technology & Distribution = Gigya

Here is a soft copy of the Expereince Design document I commonly refer to as the temporal specification.

The you add in Flash Production partners ID Society and technology partner MTV's Digital Fusion Group who outsourced their work to Reality Digital in CA.  Widget distribution duty was Gigya - who as usual delivered a superb piece of technology called Wildfire.

All managed by talented account group at TracyLocke in Dallas - BlueFusion delivered cohesive digital creative that was guided by a temporal specification that was supposed to be implemented by the ID Society and MTV's Digital Fusion Group / Reality Digital.  In the end what became clear was that the choice of Reality Digital for anything more than a video mashup up tool
creator was a mistake. 

When the deal was done MTV Digital Fusion group
was supposed to be able to  be a backend partner for more than the
video mashup tool but for the entire site. (video editing and sharing,
Sweepstakes, Widgets)  In the end the site was launched.  But to date
many pieces of the sites functionality were not implemented.  Look at
the temporal spec and see which pieces were left out of the equation.

ON: Behind Dibs Film Fest Big Idea via @jpenabickley

December 19, 2013No Comments

KFC’s #UniteThisXmas

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been running the TV ad below in the build up to Christmas. They’ve now released a second version with the winner selected through a Twitter competition.

Dubbed #UniteThisXmas, fans were asked to tweet about a conflict they want to resolve – the winner, Alpa Patel, appeared in a special version of the spot during the X-Factor.

December 12, 2013No Comments

Instagram’s Mystery Press Event: Instagram Direct

Instagram is holding a mystery press event. In advance of the the event, the company sent out physical Instagram images printed on canvas. Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom will be in attendance, which means the announcement should be big.

Live Blogging:

Instagram launches Instagram Direct, lets you share photos and videos privately with friends.  Rise of the private network?

Key Features: new messaging feature that lets users send text, video, and photo messages to each other privately.

"Communication is not about photography, necessarily. If we were about photography we're built into cameras, but we're not, we're built into phones." Instagram up to this point focused on photos and videos — "moments" — as Instagram calls them.

"Messaging adds a third dimension to the app that lets people communicate using words and to do so privately, if you'd like. Sometimes you want to be able to share not with everyone, but just with a specific group," 





Instagram’s Mystery Press Event: Instagram Direct via @jpenabickley

December 7, 2013No Comments

Age-gating improvement for alcohol brands on twitter

One of the biggest challenges for alcohol brands is how they connect with an age-appropriate audience. To address this on Twitter, They have rolled out an improvement to the age-gating experience on Twitter.com, iOS, and Android devices. 

Here’s how it works:




Brands like Bud LightJim BeamKnob Creek,Heineken, and Bacardi, have integrated the tool into their overall Twitter ad strategy. For example, Bud Light is using age-screened Promoted Accounts to reach people who are 21 and older and interested in the NFL during their#whatsyoursuperstition campaign, while Knob Creek is using it to launch their small batch bourbon brand on Twitter.

To set up this new form of age-gating, clients with account support can contact their teams directly; or thier agencies can set up the self-serve accounts by clicking here.


[Via @tarunkj]

Age-gating improvement for alcohol brands on twitter via @jpenabickley

December 6, 2013No Comments

Target’s Smart Use of Vine

Creativity, fun and design are at the heart of the Target brand. Target Creative, the company’s in-house team, features a diverse group of art directors, designers, writers and producers who serve as brand experts. After launching a Vine account in July, the Target Creative team was inspired to create shareable content and compelling storytelling via this new six-second looping video format.  Here are some examples of what the team has put out.

To kick off the football season, for example, Target had some fun with game day munchies.

This playful Lite Brite video took 10 people to produce and two weeks to prepare.

Target Creative used Vine’s continuous loop function to create this endless roller coaster ride.

And this one illustrates how Target can make a summer day more enjoyable, as it takes advantage of the platform’s “touch-to-pause” feature.

A more recent production helped followers get into the Halloween spirit with a fun play on pumpkins:

Eight City Target locations have a digital welcome wall that greets guests as they enter the store.


In addition to communicating weekly promotions and local information, they also offer the perfect place to showcase the most recent Vine videos.

December 2, 2013No Comments

Budweiser’s Twitter-powered knitting machine

Budweiser has released its Christmas campaign, with a Twitter-powered knitting machine named Knitbot.

The knitbot is fitted with a chip that responds to mentions of #jumpers4des. The more mentions - the more jumpers. Once Knitbot’s finished, fans can visit the Budweiser Facebook page for the chance to win a piece of its handiwork.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.53.40 AM

[Via The Drum]

Budweiser’s Twitter-powered knitting machine via @jpenabickley

November 24, 2013No Comments

Coca-Cola Lets You Create Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 8.07.26 AM

Let the festivus begin! Coca-Cola has unveiled a microsite that lets you generate your own ugly Christmas sweater—as a final touch to complete the year-end holidays. The ‘Coke Zero Ugly Sweater Generator’ lets users mix and match colors, graphics and patterns to make their very own tacky winter wear. 

Users can choose from Christmas trees and Santa’s head, to reindeer, sleighs and turkey. The 100 most-voted-for sweaters would be actually handcrafted and sent to their creators—just in time for Christmas. 

Check it out at: https://www.sweatergenerator.com/#/main/landing

Coca-Cola Lets You Create Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater via @jpenabickley

December 26, 2012No Comments


This is still one of my fav. social media moments of the year. On October 8th Richard Neill sent this Facebook post to Bodyform.

Here is the Response Video from BodyForm's CEO

It was all worth a great laugh!

BodyForm via @jpenabickley

December 26, 2012No Comments

The 1st Social Calendar By Lavazza

The Italian coffee brand Lavazza, who has made a name for themselves creating traditional calendars for twenty years, has taken the leap in to social media with  “Opera Viva”.  Opera Viva is the first Social Calendar by Lavazza created in partnership with Instagram and overseen by digital artist Marco Brambilla.

[via: the wall]

The 1st Social Calendar By Lavazza via @jpenabickley



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