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April 14, 2014No Comments

ON: The Live Banner

Over the years I have been ambivalent about the banner, in the early 90's I was all over it, then by 97 I was done with it, when we started this up tick to Web 2.0 in 2004 I was back in it with rich media.  Every time I about to give up on the banner, someone comes up with something
to makes me change my minds. (call me a flip, flopper but the banner is back and users do respond to them.)  Last week, it was Apple’s
extension of the ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign into an interaction
between skyscraper and banner to take a swipe at Vista.

This week, it’s
a clever little exercise for LIVE news
and entertainment website SOL. Rather than selling static banner space – because, let’s face it, who clicks on
those any more – three copywriters took turns updating the space with messages
relevant to whatever news was appearing on the homepage at the time.

Apparently, it runs off a pen tablet and a custom publishing tool via
Flash Media Server, and over 1000 unique ads have been created since the launch
of the campaign.
For our part, we think this is very, very smart – how much
more likely are your eyes to be drawn to something connected to the content
you’re actively seeking out? Top marks Mediafront, and a can of Red
to those long suffering creatives.

ON: The Live Banner via @jpenabickley

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ON: Behind Dibs Film Fest Big Idea

While the idea
was simple - The Dibs Film Festival was not an easy production.

As many of you know I
gave birth to this idea at TracyLocke, then in between gigs (my move to
Wunderman) I spearheaded the digital, broadcast and out of home
creative along with writing styling of Snack's Jennifer Leuzzi

There were many production and technical partners involved.  Some of
those partners were great.. and others not so great.  MTV was a great
media partner. As expected they have delivered eyeballs, buzz and
clicks. Where they fell down was their digital technology production.

Dibs Film Festival Players
Brand Conversation Strategy, Experience Design + Writing = BlueFusion
Retail Strategy & Creative, Account and Project Management = TracyLocke
Flash Interface Development & Banner Advertising = ID Society
Site Technology + Hosting = MTVN's Digital Fusion Group - outsourced to Reality Digital
Widget Technology & Distribution = Gigya

Here is a soft copy of the Expereince Design document I commonly refer to as the temporal specification.

The you add in Flash Production partners ID Society and technology partner MTV's Digital Fusion Group who outsourced their work to Reality Digital in CA.  Widget distribution duty was Gigya - who as usual delivered a superb piece of technology called Wildfire.

All managed by talented account group at TracyLocke in Dallas - BlueFusion delivered cohesive digital creative that was guided by a temporal specification that was supposed to be implemented by the ID Society and MTV's Digital Fusion Group / Reality Digital.  In the end what became clear was that the choice of Reality Digital for anything more than a video mashup up tool
creator was a mistake. 

When the deal was done MTV Digital Fusion group
was supposed to be able to  be a backend partner for more than the
video mashup tool but for the entire site. (video editing and sharing,
Sweepstakes, Widgets)  In the end the site was launched.  But to date
many pieces of the sites functionality were not implemented.  Look at
the temporal spec and see which pieces were left out of the equation.

ON: Behind Dibs Film Fest Big Idea via @jpenabickley

April 14, 2013No Comments

ON: Joost – Its Here

The much awaited release of Joost if out!

I was introduced to Joost with an invite several months ago (nope i do not have any left).  Once I began path to discovery - I was hooked.  Here is how it works...  It takes the power and breath of the internet and combines it into TV.  Joost is the closest I’ve seen so far to the real thing.

ON: Joost – Its Here via @jpenabickley

April 14, 2012No Comments

ON: The Moon

Picture 1

• Over 3 million unique site visits during the first 3 weeks
• Configured Support for 1 Million Concurrent Audio Streams
• Site featured on almost every major news network including CNN’s
giant video “News Wall” multiple times through out the 4 day mission.
• The site aggregated 400 photographs and 44 archival videos from NASA and the JFK Library for the first time in one location.
• Over 700 transmission excerpts broadcast out on Twitter exactly 40 years after they were said
• DS developed a widget which also tracked the mission that users could load on desktops or embed in personal blogs.
• A spectrum analyzer dynamically parsed the live-audio wave form
providing another compelling visual to capture the user’s attention.
• Once the live mission ended the site transitioned to a archived
experience where users can move freely between the separate stages

ON: The Moon via @jpenabickley



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