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• Over 3 million unique site visits during the first 3 weeks
• Configured Support for 1 Million Concurrent Audio Streams
• Site featured on almost every major news network including CNN’s
giant video “News Wall” multiple times through out the 4 day mission.
• The site aggregated 400 photographs and 44 archival videos from NASA and the JFK Library for the first time in one location.
• Over 700 transmission excerpts broadcast out on Twitter exactly 40 years after they were said
• DS developed a widget which also tracked the mission that users could load on desktops or embed in personal blogs.
• A spectrum analyzer dynamically parsed the live-audio wave form
providing another compelling visual to capture the user’s attention.
• Once the live mission ended the site transitioned to a archived
experience where users can move freely between the separate stages

ON: The Moon via @jpenabickley