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December 6, 2013No Comments

Target’s Smart Use of Vine

Creativity, fun and design are at the heart of the Target brand. Target Creative, the company’s in-house team, features a diverse group of art directors, designers, writers and producers who serve as brand experts. After launching a Vine account in July, the Target Creative team was inspired to create shareable content and compelling storytelling via this new six-second looping video format.  Here are some examples of what the team has put out.

To kick off the football season, for example, Target had some fun with game day munchies.

This playful Lite Brite video took 10 people to produce and two weeks to prepare.

Target Creative used Vine’s continuous loop function to create this endless roller coaster ride.

And this one illustrates how Target can make a summer day more enjoyable, as it takes advantage of the platform’s “touch-to-pause” feature.

A more recent production helped followers get into the Halloween spirit with a fun play on pumpkins:

Eight City Target locations have a digital welcome wall that greets guests as they enter the store.


In addition to communicating weekly promotions and local information, they also offer the perfect place to showcase the most recent Vine videos.

November 27, 2013No Comments

Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness

Foot Locker just created one of the greatest sports commercials of all time. The “Week of Greatness” campaign featuring several athletes and other sports icons, is one of the best sports retailer spots I have seen in a while.

Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness via @jpenabickley

November 23, 2013No Comments

24 Hours of Happy

This week there has been a frenzy of music video innovation.  From Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone Interactive video to Pharrell Williams, 24 Hours of Happy its we are seeing a music video comeback instead of throwback.  The website is at 24hoursofhappy.com and was created by French directing team We Are From LA and produced by Iconoclast.

When visiting the site, you join the clock at whatever the local time is. You can then check out different times of day and different scenes, all set to the sounds of Happy, which continues playing seamlessly throughout. Shot in different settings around the world, the footage features people dancing to the track: Pharrell pops up on the hour every hour, and there are cameos from other famous folks including Tyler, The Creator, Magic Johnson and Jamie Foxx.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 7.38.26 AM

The website allows you to share specific moments with friends via Facebook or Twitter. This is a useful feature as, let's face it, not even the most ardent Pharrell fan are likely to watch the full 24 hours -- at least not while still liking the song.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 7.36.05 AM

April 14, 2013No Comments

ON: Joost – Its Here

The much awaited release of Joost if out!

I was introduced to Joost with an invite several months ago (nope i do not have any left).  Once I began path to discovery - I was hooked.  Here is how it works...  It takes the power and breath of the internet and combines it into TV.  Joost is the closest I’ve seen so far to the real thing.

ON: Joost – Its Here via @jpenabickley

December 24, 20121 Comment

YouTube Rewind 2012

YouTube has released the top trending videos worldwide in 2012.

The page is complimented with a mashup video produced to feature the YouTube  stars of the last year.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 5.30.57 PM

Check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/user/theyearinreview

YouTube Rewind 2012 via @jpenabickley

September 14, 2011No Comments

Streaming #Reality

24 Hours of Reality begins at 7 p.m. Central Time on tonight. Over the course of the the next 24 hours, there will be 24 presentations across 24 time zones in 13 languages.


Free desktop streaming application by Ustream

Help Us Spread The Word

  • Embed the 24 Hours of Reality live broadcast on your blog.
  • Link to the live stream.
  • ReTweet our content and/or message us directly @ClimateReality.
  • Share/tag thoughts about how climate change is affecting your area and ask others to do the same.
  • Instruct your audience to use #Reality & [your country] when calling out evidence of climate change.


Streaming #Reality via @jpenabickley

March 15, 2011No Comments

on: gowalla + cnn

Gowalla users will now be able to tag location to stories via CNN’s iReport.

on: gowalla + cnn via @jpenabickley

March 10, 2011No Comments

on: jenn aniston’s sex tape

psyc! watch jennifer aniston pimp herself out to smart water. 

on: jenn aniston’s sex tape via @jpenabickley

March 2, 2011No Comments

on: an increase in digi video sharing

A recent study reported by Econsultancy found that video sharing has increased by more than 86% since May 2010, with Facebook leading the charge peaking at 62.5m shares in December, Twitter levelling out at around 640k, and blog video sharing dropping by half from 460k to 243k.

To put that into perspective, that’s 91 shares per single share on Twitter, and 260 for every share on a blog – phenomenal proof of how far video sharing has progressed in social media and, in particular, the success of Facebook’s video integration.

on: an increase in digi video sharing via @jpenabickley



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