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May 14, 2019No Comments

Doobie Design

#DoobieDesign: Whether you are #CraftingCannibus or #MakingMarijuana or #DesigningDoobies, the legal marijuana trade is the country’s fastest-growing industry. According to Arcview Market Research, Americans will spend around $11Billion. #Design2020 #UXDesign

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Doobie Design via @jpenabickley

July 30, 2018No Comments

A Solemn Vow To Vote

Design For Democracy - Fighting voter apathy with #art that inspires e 46.9% of eligible voters who did not vote in 2016 to register and #VowToVote in 2018.

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August 1, 2015No Comments

The Creative Disruptors

The changing landscape of the creative world was on full display at Cannes this year.  From the innovators to the creators to the rockstars who are changing health this year the Cannes Lions festival was an eclectic mix of creative minds shaping our industry.  This year I became a member of the sisterhood at The Girls' Lounge.  Shelly Zalis has created a one-of-a-kind environment in which women in marketing, advertising, media and technology can connect like-minded women. It is a place to put your feet up and let your guard down.

This year at the Cannes Lions festival I sat on a number of panels,  but sitting on the New York Times “Power Conversation” at the Girls Lounge at The Martinez truly took the Rosé.  I was honored to be brought together with Visa’s SVP of North American Marketing Lara Balazs, Meredith Kopit Levien, NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, Tina Brown, CEO/Founder of Tina Brown Live Media, Susan Lyne, President, BBG Ventures at AOL, Media Link President & COO Wenda Harris Millard , Wendy Clark, President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing at Coca-Cola, Linda Boff the Executive Director of Global Brand Marketing at GE, Hanna Bronfman, Influencer/Entrepreneur and star of HannahGram and the one and only Shelly Zalis to talk about how we as females have to continue acting with conviction to teach other women to embrace technology as it can serve as the great economic equalizer for us as artist and business professionals.

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June 17, 2015No Comments

#PowerWoman Shaping The Face of Business, Art & Tech

Being an Activist, Artist and Feminist landed me on TheWrap's Power Women Breakfast.  Sitting amongst some of our most influential women in entertainment, media, technology and finance renewed my belief in the our ability to come together to promote the change we wish to see in the world. The discussion spanned many of the trends in the constantly shifting media and technology landscape to giving our daughters permission early and often to use art, media and tech to change our world.

Today technology is acting as the great equalizer. We must teach and empower women to use it for progress.

I believe it can serve us as a powerful platform with global reach for our ideas, talents and inventions. Now it's important for us to #ActWithConviction  as change agents with a message of equality for all.

Read more about it at: http://www.thewrap.com/helen-mirren-calls-hollywood-ageism-f-cking-outrageous-at-wraps-1st-power-women-breakfast-in-nyc/


July 6, 2014No Comments

The Future of Digital Television

Investment banker Terence Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, is a big-time player in the advertising technology field. His advisory firm, LUMA Partners, has worked to help companies like Google and Yahoo make multimillion-dollar acquisitions, and his industry knowledge makes him one of the tech world's most respected minds. Kawaja has built this presentation after talking to people in the digital media business as well as people in the traditional "linear" television industry.

See a softer side of Kawaja in this four-minute music video Kawaja wrote and produced from the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

May 29, 2014No Comments

360 < 365

Business ideas from the least expected players will disrupt your brand faster than advertising can save it.

The proof is clear no matter what industry you are in:

  1. AirBnB books more rooms that the W Hotels
  2. ZipCar has more daily engagement than Hertz

For each of these brands they have challenged common conventions and made the marketing shift from, 360 degrees of channel interruption and "integration" to creating ideas that deliver 365 days of customer connection.

Ever since I began writing this blog in June 2006 we have conversed about convergence of the digital and physical and Transmedia Brand Experiences. Now that almost every marketer on the planet has a laser focus on the customer experiences I think that it is safe to say that product, campaign and business ideas should be looked at and measured with the same lense. There is no discernible difference between the brand idea and the action a brand takes to endear customers its business.

Moreover when we look at our own customer/client landscape, we know that marketers are now responsible for leading the C-suite to solve real business problems, not just communications problems.

I think that it's safe to say the world has converged and the new equation for marketing and creative success is no longer 360 degrees of one channel idea - but an enduring idea that inspires 365 days of customer connection.

360 < 365 via @jpenabickley

December 19, 2013No Comments

KFC’s #UniteThisXmas

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been running the TV ad below in the build up to Christmas. They’ve now released a second version with the winner selected through a Twitter competition.

Dubbed #UniteThisXmas, fans were asked to tweet about a conflict they want to resolve – the winner, Alpa Patel, appeared in a special version of the spot during the X-Factor.

December 7, 2013No Comments

Age-gating improvement for alcohol brands on twitter

One of the biggest challenges for alcohol brands is how they connect with an age-appropriate audience. To address this on Twitter, They have rolled out an improvement to the age-gating experience on Twitter.com, iOS, and Android devices. 

Here’s how it works:




Brands like Bud LightJim BeamKnob Creek,Heineken, and Bacardi, have integrated the tool into their overall Twitter ad strategy. For example, Bud Light is using age-screened Promoted Accounts to reach people who are 21 and older and interested in the NFL during their#whatsyoursuperstition campaign, while Knob Creek is using it to launch their small batch bourbon brand on Twitter.

To set up this new form of age-gating, clients with account support can contact their teams directly; or thier agencies can set up the self-serve accounts by clicking here.


[Via @tarunkj]

Age-gating improvement for alcohol brands on twitter via @jpenabickley

November 28, 2013No Comments

British Airways – #LookUp Billboard

Who has not every just been mezomorzed by a flight path?
This digital billboard taps into that wonder of flight.

November 27, 2013No Comments

Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness

Foot Locker just created one of the greatest sports commercials of all time. The “Week of Greatness” campaign featuring several athletes and other sports icons, is one of the best sports retailer spots I have seen in a while.

Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness via @jpenabickley



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