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June 17, 2015No Comments

#PowerWoman Shaping The Face of Business, Art & Tech

Being an Activist, Artist and Feminist landed me on TheWrap's Power Women Breakfast.  Sitting amongst some of our most influential women in entertainment, media, technology and finance renewed my belief in the our ability to come together to promote the change we wish to see in the world. The discussion spanned many of the trends in the constantly shifting media and technology landscape to giving our daughters permission early and often to use art, media and tech to change our world.

Today technology is acting as the great equalizer. We must teach and empower women to use it for progress.

I believe it can serve us as a powerful platform with global reach for our ideas, talents and inventions. Now it's important for us to #ActWithConviction  as change agents with a message of equality for all.

Read more about it at: http://www.thewrap.com/helen-mirren-calls-hollywood-ageism-f-cking-outrageous-at-wraps-1st-power-women-breakfast-in-nyc/


July 6, 2014No Comments

The Future of Digital Television

Investment banker Terence Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, is a big-time player in the advertising technology field. His advisory firm, LUMA Partners, has worked to help companies like Google and Yahoo make multimillion-dollar acquisitions, and his industry knowledge makes him one of the tech world's most respected minds. Kawaja has built this presentation after talking to people in the digital media business as well as people in the traditional "linear" television industry.

See a softer side of Kawaja in this four-minute music video Kawaja wrote and produced from the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

October 22, 20124 Comments

Are Romney “Obama” Facebook & Twitter Ads Dirty Tactics Or Smart Politics?

The Romney campaign has been buying Facebook and Twitter social advertising, designed to divert clicks from users who search for “Obama.”

Some brands take offense to competitors buying ads on their name keywords and consider it squatting.  What do we expect from our presidential candidates?  The  Facebook “Obama” search ads are well executed. Even start to type “Barack” and the sponsored listing appears. A click leads to the official Romney Facebook page.

Romney-twitterBuying ads for competitors’ brand search keywords is nothing new to online marketers. Would you consider this smart politics or dirty tactics?



Are Romney “Obama” Facebook & Twitter Ads Dirty Tactics Or Smart Politics? via @jpenabickley

July 26, 20124 Comments

NBC & Facebook team up for Olympics coverage

Let the "Social Games" begin!  A new partnership between NBC and Facebook opens Olympic coverage through social media. NBC’s fans can tell their FB friends which Olympics-related videos and articles they're watching and reading. NBC & Facebook hopes that this will spurn more views and shares.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 11.08.06 AM

The most interesting part will be number crunching the conversations afterward to see who should win the gold for Most Discussed on Facebook.  It’s amazing how far the bonds between social media, sport and TV have come since the last Games in 2008.

NBC & Facebook team up for Olympics coverage via @jpenabickley

April 1, 2012No Comments

The Guardian’s Quest For The Truth

This modern take on a classic fairy tale speaks volumes about where we are as a society. The story begins with the murder of the infamous Big Bad Wolf. The tale incorporates the way we take in media today. Starting with a headline in the Guardian, reports online, announcements and subsequent discussions on Twitter, and then the inevitable YouTube videos, complete with crude computer-generated reenactments and even a revelation of new evidence that shows the Wolf suffers from asthma.

I love the use of a timeless tale with a modern twist which demonstrates how we consume and interact with a good story. The best part of this story is that it positioned the The Guardian as willing partner in the quest to find the truth. 

The Guardian’s Quest For The Truth via @jpenabickley

December 6, 2011No Comments

Interactive spending to outpace Olympic, election growth

ZenithOptimedia predicts that Internet ad spending will increase of 16% through 2014, adding that it will constitute more than half of the industry's growth for the first time. GroupM's Adam Smith said digital should represent 22% of spending in "Western economies" in 2012, adding that just-maturing markets are catching up fast. The "quadrennial effect" of the U.S. elections, the Olympics and other events in 2012 is expected to boost global advertising spending 4.7%.

[Source: MediaPost Communications/MediaDailyNews (12/5), The New York Times (tiered subscription model)]


Interactive spending to outpace Olympic, election growth via @jpenabickley

September 18, 20111 Comment

Social Data Guided Media Plans

With every passing day, the benefit of social listening and data becomes more engrained in how we determine where we reach and market to people.

If you use social listening to identify marketing insights and innovations, you know the power of the outputs.  More than conversations, the data provides us knowledge of where those conversations are taking place.  We can also determine the volume of conversations as well as the influence of the people having those conversations at a particular URL.  That data combined with public traffic records now gives media planners the ability to pinpoint where their customers are engaged with content. 

The power of this data and knowledge can guide higher performing media plans.

Surprisingly, most media planners and buyers use antiquated methods to plan and purchase media.  Today, media buying companies rely on publishers to supply them with traffic stats and standard demographic data.  These are typically combined with third party reporting tools from firms like ComScore. 

Given the power of data @substancenyc is extrapolating out of our social listening exercises we decided to test a new way of building media plans.  Instead of using traditional methods of media planning we used our social listening tools to identify high volume conversations & influencer data to create a media plan that allowed our branded content to reach our target.

First we used social data to identify the right kind of customer.  Then we created a keyword list for our social listening tools to listen for. After that, we created an algorithm to extrapolate relevant conversations.  Once we identified the relevant conversations, we wrapped a volume metric around the URLs & places those conversations were talking place.  Once that was achieved we used a tools to identify the number of social influencers having the conversations.  Using the outputs of these simple exercises we created transmedia plan that effectively told our brand story.

Social Media


How did we know this was going to outperform a traditional plan?

We tested it. We tested a traditionally built plan against a social data guided plan. The result, the social data plan out performed the traditional plan by 19%.  The social data plan had more reach and conversion than the traditional plan. 

This test has transformed the way we are going to market for our clients.

What are you doing today that could change the way we do business tomorrow?  Let us know @substancenyc.


Social Data Guided Media Plans via @jpenabickley

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