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November 14, 20192 Comments

Cognitive Experience Design

Cognitive Experience Design reshapes the practice of design by uniting the disciplines human factors, ergonomics, industrial, information, interaction, interior design and architecture to use the internet of the things (connected devices) and artificial intelligence to invent systems, cities, services and products that reduce the time to make faster decisions and bolder breakthroughs.

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The evolution of #design in an intelligent, quantum computing era has begun. #CognitiveExperienceDesign is the practice of using #Ai technologies to reduce the human mental effort & time required to complete a task. via @jpenabickley

May 14, 2019No Comments

Doobie Design

#DoobieDesign: Whether you are #CraftingCannibus or #MakingMarijuana or #DesigningDoobies, the legal marijuana trade is the country’s fastest-growing industry. According to Arcview Market Research, Americans will spend around $11Billion. #Design2020 #UXDesign

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Doobie Design via @jpenabickley

April 28, 2019No Comments

Design Ethics with Data

The reality is if you are a design leader whose sitting on the side lines waiting for something to happen, the opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution will pass you by. The time to think, act and impact is now.

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Design Ethics with Data via @jpenabickley

February 17, 2019No Comments

Design 2020

Design 2020

In 2019, we are all in a race to 2020.

Generation Z has arrived, and they expect intelligently designed brand experiences.  Gen Z’s 44 billion dollars of disposable income has triggered a tsunami of change as industry races towards 2020. In a recent C-suite study, 68 percent of C-suite executives expect their enterprise organizations to emphasize customer experience over products. During industry’s dance with disruption, Design has elevated itself at the new seat of power at the table and in the boardroom.

That seat comes with expectations that design will act as a conductor of a symphonic enterprise. Great design leaders share the same characteristics as conductors of an orchestra. Like Gustavo Dudamel  or Alondra de la Parra’s ability to seat an inclusive band of musicians who bring to life a euphoric cacophony of sound that heals and inspires the soul, design leaders, have the ability to conduct the enterprise like a symphony to deliver intelligent brand experiences that matter for customers and our world. From the momentous design trends composing change at the scale of the cosmos to minuets found in crafting design systems, I will lay the foundation for the future of design.

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Generation Z has arrived, and they expect intelligently designed brand experiences.  Gen Z’s 44 billion dollars of disposable income has triggered a tsunami of change as industry races towards 2020. By @jojobickley via @jpenabickley

April 19, 2016No Comments

The Cognitive #StoryMakers Are Here

By Joanna Peña-Bickley & Alex Sinclair

The cognitive era has given way to a new generation of creators.  The Story Makers, they are the artist, creative technologists and experiences designers that are revisiting what it means to design for space and time through interactive experiences.

Saturday, at the TRIBECA Film Festival, I had the honor of giving a Talk on Storytelling In The Cognitive Era - Asking, How Would Orson Welles Tackle It?  Take a listen below.

Talk: Cognitive Storytelling In The 4th Dimension - How Would Orson Welles Tackle It?

Welles created national hysteria in 1938 with his radio broadcast of
War of the World's.

Using your imagination and technologies, such as: virtual and augmented reality, 4D theater experiences like haptics in seats, wind, rain, fog, thunder, delivered across all available mediums, from a device to an interactive theater, to the side of a building, create a trailer for an updated War of the Worlds that will prompt the same audience reaction.

MAKE Session:  Co-create War of The World's 4D Movie Trailer Experience

MAKE: Co-create War of The World's 4D Movie Trailer Experience 

Read about it in Forbes and our Think Blog

Special Thanks go out to our wonderful experience design team and my all girl  Team - you are truly the future of  



January 18, 2016No Comments

Reinventing The Wheel

The Automotive & Aerospace industries are one of the most exciting spaces that you could be working in when it comes to Experience Design. The forces of change are strong and our incentives to reinvent the wheel have never been more noble or more tied to the entrepreneurialism and invention that brought about the second industrial revolution. From the first wheel to our first footsteps on the moon, our quest to move further and faster has been limited only by the technology to power our dreams.

Now, speeding into a post-digital era, the forces of sustainability, urbanization, and new technologies that defy the very concept of time and space are reshaping how we move all over again. Welcome to the third industrial revolution.

Last Tuesday our announcement at North American International Auto Show was just the beginning of how we will change the relationship between people and their cars.  Join IBMiX on this journey as we explore and lead the innovations and ideas — once relegated to science fiction — that use the Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, Data and Cognitive Experience Design to bring forth a new driving reality.

For me, the future is not some far off date 5 years from now. It is the ongoing present, which our IBMiX Experience Design teams are sprinting towards with agility and industrial strength design thinking – Join us as we Reinvent The Wheel.

Enjoy the trends we believe are shaping mobility in 2016:
Download and Read IBMiX’s Reinventing The Wheel

Download PDF: IBMiX_ReinventingTheWheel_FutureOfMobility_TrendPaper

December 6, 2015No Comments

Experience Design In The Fourth Dimension

Design is in the eye of a technological, social and cultural storm, revolutionizing how we interact with the world around us. Its impact on business is the difference between disrupting, or being disrupted, as a new design method dictates which brands win and which lose. Central to it all is customer experience, the benchmark of a brand’s value.

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June 27, 2015No Comments

H3: Using Experience Design To Change Our World

Its refreshing and yet precious.
In 2009, I stood on the border of Israel and Syria and realized that it could end a war and create peace. Today it is what is desperately needed in California to save our fragile source of fresh produce in the Unites States.

So often we take for granted or forget how much water we use and how important it is to our holistic well being. So that led me to an important question. What if we could track our water consumption linking it our health and happiness?  Could that make us more aware of our consumption patterns and get us to become more conscious of how fragile our supply is?

In a recent interview with Anouk Pappers from Cool Brands I was asked how I have used my craft in Experience Design to make the world a better place.

Using Interface, Industrial and Graphic Design I have developed an experience meant to make people aware of their personal water consumption patterns.The H3 Experience has just gone from paper to prototype : https://www.behance.net/gallery/12893513/H3-Mobile-Platform-Water-Bottle-System

This Mobile application is connected to the Internet of Things (#IoT) through a connected water bottle and now in progress an apple watch application which uses your physical activity as an indicator or when you need to rehydrate.


May 19, 2015No Comments

#IBMiX: Are You Ready-To-Wear The Future?

As we contemplate how to manage a tsunami of data, wearable devices are rendering technology invisible. Smaller, faster computers and microchips, tracking and measuring metrics in real-time are revolutionizing how we connect with the world.

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April 6, 20125 Comments

Designing The 2012 Election

Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 10.10.24 PM

Calling all FIT, Parsons and SVA students: here's the latest way to get involved in President Obama's 2012 campaign.  Runway to Win, fashion designers' effort for Obama's reelection campaign, is holding a Design Challenge in which any designer can submit their designs to the current collection of Runway to Win gear.

If your design is selected, it will be sold in the Runway to Win collection, right alongside the likes of Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Diane Von Furstenberg and more. As cool as that sounds, that's not the best part. The best part comes when the winning designers each receive a fully produced version of their item autographed by Anna Wintour.  Common That's hot!  (Have you seen the September Issue?)

Go to RunwayToWin.com to submit your Hope, Change or "Yes, we can!" themed design. 

Designing The 2012 Election via @jpenabickley



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