Over the years I have been ambivalent about the banner, in the early 90's I was all over it, then by 97 I was done with it, when we started this up tick to Web 2.0 in 2004 I was back in it with rich media.  Every time I about to give up on the banner, someone comes up with something
to makes me change my minds. (call me a flip, flopper but the banner is back and users do respond to them.)  Last week, it was Apple’s
extension of the ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign into an interaction
between skyscraper and banner to take a swipe at Vista.

This week, it’s
a clever little exercise for LIVE news
and entertainment website SOL. Rather than selling static banner space – because, let’s face it, who clicks on
those any more – three copywriters took turns updating the space with messages
relevant to whatever news was appearing on the homepage at the time.

Apparently, it runs off a pen tablet and a custom publishing tool via
Flash Media Server, and over 1000 unique ads have been created since the launch
of the campaign.
For our part, we think this is very, very smart – how much
more likely are your eyes to be drawn to something connected to the content
you’re actively seeking out? Top marks Mediafront, and a can of Red
to those long suffering creatives.

ON: The Live Banner via @jpenabickley