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March 4, 2016No Comments

Designing Enchanting Experiences in the Cognitive Era

When we design customer and employee experiences for brands, we have an opportunity to supercharge a brand by empowering employees and customers with superhuman powers with IBM Watson.

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February 26, 2012No Comments

Eurostar Live

The marketers and agency at Eurostar just got it right with a simple idea. The launch of Eurostar’s new platform, Eurostar Live brings social media commentary by the public about Eurostar’s destinations to 363 public display screens across London.




The campaign highlights hidden gems in Eurostar’s destinations, starting with Amsterdam.  I love that they tie in to existing social behaviors we all do when traveling.  Engage at: http://europe.eurostar.com/eurostarlive/

Eurostar Live via @jpenabickley

September 18, 20111 Comment

Social Data Guided Media Plans

With every passing day, the benefit of social listening and data becomes more engrained in how we determine where we reach and market to people.

If you use social listening to identify marketing insights and innovations, you know the power of the outputs.  More than conversations, the data provides us knowledge of where those conversations are taking place.  We can also determine the volume of conversations as well as the influence of the people having those conversations at a particular URL.  That data combined with public traffic records now gives media planners the ability to pinpoint where their customers are engaged with content. 

The power of this data and knowledge can guide higher performing media plans.

Surprisingly, most media planners and buyers use antiquated methods to plan and purchase media.  Today, media buying companies rely on publishers to supply them with traffic stats and standard demographic data.  These are typically combined with third party reporting tools from firms like ComScore. 

Given the power of data @substancenyc is extrapolating out of our social listening exercises we decided to test a new way of building media plans.  Instead of using traditional methods of media planning we used our social listening tools to identify high volume conversations & influencer data to create a media plan that allowed our branded content to reach our target.

First we used social data to identify the right kind of customer.  Then we created a keyword list for our social listening tools to listen for. After that, we created an algorithm to extrapolate relevant conversations.  Once we identified the relevant conversations, we wrapped a volume metric around the URLs & places those conversations were talking place.  Once that was achieved we used a tools to identify the number of social influencers having the conversations.  Using the outputs of these simple exercises we created transmedia plan that effectively told our brand story.

Social Media


How did we know this was going to outperform a traditional plan?

We tested it. We tested a traditionally built plan against a social data guided plan. The result, the social data plan out performed the traditional plan by 19%.  The social data plan had more reach and conversion than the traditional plan. 

This test has transformed the way we are going to market for our clients.

What are you doing today that could change the way we do business tomorrow?  Let us know @substancenyc.


Social Data Guided Media Plans via @jpenabickley

March 30, 2011No Comments

on: the future of retail

This week's presentation was a ton of fun to research. Who doesn't like to shop...non-stop? The Future of Retail: A Post Digital Approach to Shopper Marketing was an exercise in innovation and imaging the future of shopping.

While we are well into a the third decade of eCommerce and a new thriving generation of mCommerce technology has emerged, a number of ideas have surfaced as a beta of a new economy of commerce and consumerism. It begins by realizing that the aging of the Baby Boom generation is giving way to the coming of age of Generation Y, which has caused seismic shifts in consumer demand and shopping habits. Retail stores that have adapted [i.e. Best Buy, Sephora, Levi's ] to the new consumer demographics have begun to thrive in spite of the great recession.

Beyond a perpetually evolving, decentralized shopping experience, retailers must begin to contemplate the impact of digital and social medias on the path to purchase. In this presentation I pose a simple challenge to the audience; If the the entire world can be a store; how would your customers make instant purchases regardless of time and place?

on: the future of retail via @jpenabickley

March 28, 2011No Comments

on: knicksnow.com

Not to long ago theKMco launched KnicksNow.com.  The launch is the first real social effort by an NBA team.  From original content, including video, photos and post-game interviews, to social apps like Facebook connect and Twitter the site serves as a social hub for Knicks fans. (yes, after the San Antonio Spurs, I support the Knicks!)  

I had the pleasure in participating on one of OMMA's creative round tables on the site.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 2.47.41 PM

Is there anything you would add to knicksnow.com?
Video content. The more video content the better. Those of us who are writers and designers love to believe that our content is being read, but you're going to find that more people watch. The Web has changed in such a way that it's starting to become a little bit more of a lean-back activity rather than a lean-in activity, and the ability not just to have a topic covered by video but to allow people to respond via video is something that could be really interesting.

Real-time activities will be incorporated into the site. Are basketball fans like you interested in connecting with each other on a site like KnicksNow while watching a game?

Peña-Bickley: I think it's fantastic because most people watch sports today with some kind of device either on their lap or in their hands. If I'm going to a game, or I happen to be engaging in anything basketball, the first thing I do is I check in via Foursquare and see who is around me.

Read the entire review at: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=146092


What do you think of Knicks Now? 

on: knicksnow.com via @jpenabickley

January 19, 2011No Comments

on: foursquare photos

Have you noticed you can add a photo to your check-in on foursquare?  Three weeks ago, Foursquare began allowing Android and iPhone users to upload photos to the service.  When I first saw the update - I simply dismissed it's importance - but then I began using it and realized that photos may be more important than badges. 

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 5.20.30 PM

Foursquare recently tweeted it had passed the 1 million mark, along with a link to the 1 millionth photo.

Do your photos mean more than badges?   

on: foursquare photos via @jpenabickley

December 14, 2010No Comments

on: gap + foursquare

The Gap brand may have just figured this social thing out.  After the social brand debacle of the year, it is trying it's hand at location based social media.  The Gap’s latest move has been to incorporate an “Add To Foursquare” button to its latest online campaign.  Similar to a ‘like’ button for Facebook, this allows instant sharing to its customers’ friends, with the added benefit of adding a location. In return for the check-in the customer is given a 30% discount as a reward plus a $1 donation to charity.

on: gap + foursquare via @jpenabickley



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