Not to long ago theKMco launched  The launch is the first real social effort by an NBA team.  From original content, including video, photos and post-game interviews, to social apps like Facebook connect and Twitter the site serves as a social hub for Knicks fans. (yes, after the San Antonio Spurs, I support the Knicks!)  

I had the pleasure in participating on one of OMMA's creative round tables on the site.

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Is there anything you would add to
Video content. The more video content the better. Those of us who are writers and designers love to believe that our content is being read, but you're going to find that more people watch. The Web has changed in such a way that it's starting to become a little bit more of a lean-back activity rather than a lean-in activity, and the ability not just to have a topic covered by video but to allow people to respond via video is something that could be really interesting.

Real-time activities will be incorporated into the site. Are basketball fans like you interested in connecting with each other on a site like KnicksNow while watching a game?

Peña-Bickley: I think it's fantastic because most people watch sports today with some kind of device either on their lap or in their hands. If I'm going to a game, or I happen to be engaging in anything basketball, the first thing I do is I check in via Foursquare and see who is around me.

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What do you think of Knicks Now? 

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