Although advertisers are keen to monetize the behemoth that is the
social networking phenomenon, previous attempts have varied from the
successful (Nike’s Joga Bonito, for example) to the misguided (Walmart’s short lived ‘The Hub’. Now, US car manufacturer Lincoln are uniting people online through a shared dream – literally. www.mydream.tv
is a beautifully laid out site through which users can sign up, submit
their dreams and ambitions, and connect with others harboring the same
desires in order to make dreams come true. Video footage showing
individuals explaining how they overcame difficulties to reach their
personal goals is also featured, alongside relevant Amazon links to help people get set up with the right equipment.

The site was conceived and constructed by New York-based renegades Kirt Gunn,
who supervised the true life footage. The site has three value
propositions, First, it’s there for information and
entertainment. We’ve included relevant web links next to each dream to
help people get started, and Amazon guides. Second, we’ve given users
the chance to connect with others, motivating them to not only
accomplish their goals but also return to the site to encourage others.
And third, shortly we’ll be launching the user-generated element in
which users will be able to add their own videos of success.

far, featured dreams include building a dream house, making an
independent film and the slightly more dramatic ‘become a superhero’.
Oh, and the site also plays host to Lincoln advertising and a
competition to win one of the cars.

Creating a social network is a tricky business, as both content and
connections must be continually inspiring. With MyDream.tv we suspect
Lincoln may have cracked it – what could be more inspiring than a

Other automotive news – Toyota Scion has formed an online network, Scion Broadband,
with five channels of content including short films, music videos and a
Japanese anime cartoon series. There’ll also be exclusive footage of
new Scion commercials, and the music channel will feature videos and
interviews with up-and-coming artists. ‘Our customer is very plugged
into the arts, but they are also plugged in online,’ said Adrian Si,
Scion’s interactive manager. ‘Most of them are finding links to
entertainment on the Internet, and a growing amount are just staying
online to be entertained. We feel that we can provide our audience with
relevant content’. www.scion.com/broadband

AND – the manufacturer has cemented its presence in Second Life with a brand new showroom, Scion City.
The launch of the model in Second Life was so well attended that Scion
will host six more events, one every two weeks, to let players' avatars
dance, hear concerts, and test-drive Scions. http://secondlife.com

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