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December 23, 2012No Comments

Facebook Year in Review 2012

Facebook has released their review of 2012 - Facebook Stories focuses on the most important trends of the past year.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 5.19.40 PM

Check it out at http://www.facebookstories.com/2012

Facebook Year in Review 2012 via @jpenabickley

November 19, 2012No Comments

Instagram introduces user profiles on the web

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 8.29.22 AM

Instagram has introduced web profiles for users. This is one of the first moves away from a mobile only platform. Similar to the Facebook profile design it uses a timeline-esque cover photo and small square profile image. While it makes sense for Instagram to visual cues from its parent company,  does it makes sense to launch a web platform? Will anyone bother to visit brands’ pages on the web?

Instagram introduces user profiles on the web via @jpenabickley

October 22, 20124 Comments

Are Romney “Obama” Facebook & Twitter Ads Dirty Tactics Or Smart Politics?

The Romney campaign has been buying Facebook and Twitter social advertising, designed to divert clicks from users who search for “Obama.”

Some brands take offense to competitors buying ads on their name keywords and consider it squatting.  What do we expect from our presidential candidates?  The  Facebook “Obama” search ads are well executed. Even start to type “Barack” and the sponsored listing appears. A click leads to the official Romney Facebook page.

Romney-twitterBuying ads for competitors’ brand search keywords is nothing new to online marketers. Would you consider this smart politics or dirty tactics?



Are Romney “Obama” Facebook & Twitter Ads Dirty Tactics Or Smart Politics? via @jpenabickley

October 21, 20121 Comment

Facebook to introduce Global Pages

Facebook has just released a new feature for global brands that enables brands to provide a more localized experiences for the user. This feature has been saught after by the likes of global brands like Ford, Nokia and Starbucks.  It also gave way to third party Facebook content mangement solutions and strategy questions about how local should a brand get. Facebook has ruled.  Glocal works.


A user will be directed to the most appropriate page depending on their location and could view an entirely different visual experience (ie. cover photo, ‘about me’, Page apps and milestones) to someone in another location. Page managers will also be able to set a default page for other all regions without a localized view. 

This feature will only be available to those brands who can spend enough on Facebook advertising to justify a named account manager. 

Get more info at : http://www.facebook-studio.com/news/item/announcing-a-new-pages-structure-for-global-brands

Facebook to introduce Global Pages via @jpenabickley

August 6, 20121 Comment

Facebook introduces advanced targeting tools for Page posts

Facebook has started to add post targeting options for age, gender, ‘Likes’ and more, and this new suite of tools is meant to be rolled out to all pages over the next few weeks. The new list of target options is extensive, but the targeting will apply only to updates in the newsfeed, meaning that friends of fans who don’t meet the target’s criteria can still see the post when a friend ‘Likes’ or comments on it. Page admins are already able to target updates by language and location, but these additional features will help reduce noise and make posts more relevant to different audiences.


[Via: we are social]

Facebook introduces advanced targeting tools for Page posts via @jpenabickley

July 26, 20124 Comments

NBC & Facebook team up for Olympics coverage

Let the "Social Games" begin!  A new partnership between NBC and Facebook opens Olympic coverage through social media. NBC’s fans can tell their FB friends which Olympics-related videos and articles they're watching and reading. NBC & Facebook hopes that this will spurn more views and shares.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 11.08.06 AM

The most interesting part will be number crunching the conversations afterward to see who should win the gold for Most Discussed on Facebook.  It’s amazing how far the bonds between social media, sport and TV have come since the last Games in 2008.

NBC & Facebook team up for Olympics coverage via @jpenabickley

July 11, 20122 Comments

Facebook Insights made accurate & now includes mobile data

Facebook made two important updates to its Insights to help Page owners understand more about the true reach of their posts. In a move to improve efficiency, the News Feed will load fewer stories and only load more when the user scrolls down the feed. As impressions and reach is calculated upon load of the story in the Feed, the reach shown in Insights will be far more accurate as to what users have actually viewed.

This now includes mobile data, previously this it only was desktop data a change to desktop News Feed views.

Facebook Insights made accurate & now includes mobile data via @jpenabickley

June 18, 2012No Comments

#CannesLions Contenders

As the Cannes Lions festivites have gotten underway and the predictions have been noted and posted, the shortlist for 2012 is about to reveal a few winners.  For me, I ask a few simple questions - did the work change the industry? Was there a value exchange that linked business objectives with consumer interests in a way that was ownable to the brand. Did the idea provoke a connection to brand?

As I peruse the submissions here are a few that caught my eye.

In the Promo category
Year 2 of the Small Business Saturday does it for me.  American Express and Crispin have submitted chapter two of an idea that is riding a cultural trend in the states.


What's for dinner tonight?  A common question that is aswered by this app from Hellmann’s which prints recipes on a personlized grocery receipts based on the food that you have purchased.  While some might find this a bit big brother - i think that the use of data creates a value exchnage that will generate more uses of the product.

While Sprite and Ogilvy did not change the industry with this one they did dramatize refreshing for these beach goers in a simple fun format.


This one struck me as pure genius as it played off a simple and true insight. The majoroity of woman question their fashion judement while shopping.  Knowing that, why not offer to let a network of people help you decide.  C & A's Like Fashion app brought the social network to the physical store. This was a great use of technology in the physical world.


Update: The Direct Grand Prix for American Express's Small Business Saturday campaign, which already won a Grand Prix in Promo & Activation.


#CannesLions Contenders via @jpenabickley

July 27, 20114 Comments

on: google+’s growing audience

20 Million and growing and it's only been a month.  This is a meteoric rise for Google+ [G+] when you compare it to their past social endevours or Facebook and Twitter’s early growth as illustrated by the graph below [via ]:


It’s only fair to consider and note that Facebook and Twitter were startups when they launched – conversely, Google is a global company with an enormous user base. [ we already use google for search and email ]

Now that G+ has its iPhone app now live, the option to bring in address books from other services seems like an easy way for G+ to expand past the early adopters.  That feature combined with the ‘celebrity acquisition plan’ designed to entice global influencers in music and movies will continue to lead to more users.

As it's audience grows businesses, marketers in particular, want to know how use Google+. G+ has continued to push out updates about their plans for businesses within the service. They have ended up back-tracking on their offer to let brands test the service, but to be fair to them, they’ve been completely transparent, with regular updates about what’s going on.

In spite of a few hiccups, this is monumental growth from a service only a month old.

I think real sign of success is when you are able to inspire champions to publish independent videos touting the quality of the service.  That is something we should all applaud. [thanks tom anderson for sharing this on g+]

For those new to G+, there are a number of hacks to get started.  People are creating videos by the hudreds on how to use the platform.  My favorite recent use is the Hangout feature.  I think this feature could be used in some fun ways by brands.  What's your fav. part of G+?

Champion Videos:

on: google+’s growing audience via @jpenabickley

July 17, 20113 Comments

on: american express and social commerce

In one of the boldest steps towards digital wallets, American Express' new social commerce products asks it's cardmembers to allow Amex to pull their data from Facebook, in exchange for offers and discounts. When a cardmember likes something on Facebook it will feedinto a secure cardmember profile that will spit out relvant offers that can be redeemed by using your american express card.  This is a great idea and superb use of the social graph.  Could this be the brand that gives facebook places life?

For many marketers, the big question is will cardmembers surrender their data for offers? Amex and their social platforms will be a brand to watch as they have alwaysed used data to enrich a cardmember's expereince through their closed network of merchants.

on: american express and social commerce via @jpenabickley



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