20 Million and growing and it's only been a month.  This is a meteoric rise for Google+ [G+] when you compare it to their past social endevours or Facebook and Twitter’s early growth as illustrated by the graph below [via ]:


It’s only fair to consider and note that Facebook and Twitter were startups when they launched – conversely, Google is a global company with an enormous user base. [ we already use google for search and email ]

Now that G+ has its iPhone app now live, the option to bring in address books from other services seems like an easy way for G+ to expand past the early adopters.  That feature combined with the ‘celebrity acquisition plan’ designed to entice global influencers in music and movies will continue to lead to more users.

As it's audience grows businesses, marketers in particular, want to know how use Google+. G+ has continued to push out updates about their plans for businesses within the service. They have ended up back-tracking on their offer to let brands test the service, but to be fair to them, they’ve been completely transparent, with regular updates about what’s going on.

In spite of a few hiccups, this is monumental growth from a service only a month old.

I think real sign of success is when you are able to inspire champions to publish independent videos touting the quality of the service.  That is something we should all applaud. [thanks tom anderson for sharing this on g+]

For those new to G+, there are a number of hacks to get started.  People are creating videos by the hudreds on how to use the platform.  My favorite recent use is the Hangout feature.  I think this feature could be used in some fun ways by brands.  What's your fav. part of G+?

Champion Videos:

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