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Where’s My Jetpack?!? 

A century of fiction like The Jetson’s, Knight Rider, Star Trek, Rendezvous with Rama and Twelve Tomorrows has stoked our imaginations and desires to reenvision, and reinvent how we intelligently move around the planet.  Today’s drivers and passengers expect connected cars to be self-socializing, self-integrating, self-configuring, self-learning, self-driving and self-healing.

 In spite of the desires, drivers and passengers of connected cars feel disconnected, full of anxiety and unable to make good use of their average 120 mins behind the wheel.

Design Challenge
How do you take the first step in transforming the driving experience for an aging population of 2.4 million baby boomers and 16 billion millenial and generation Z users who feel disconnected?

Design one of the first self-socializing connected car experiences.

OnStar Go

An Ai powered co-pilot with voice, in dash and mobile user experiences that transforms time spent in the car.


Customer Obsessed Research

Throughout a 12 month design process, we conducted generative, formative and evaluative research with 16,000 auto consumers and 20 automotive and aerospace manufacturers  to inform our patterns and inventions.


Market Study: Automotive 2025

This study helped illuminating consumer expectations of intelligent, intuitive, self-enabling vehicles that will provide extremely personalized experiences.

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Formative Study: Reinventing The Wheel
This study explores the new mobility modes, patterns and inventions capturing the zeitgeist.


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RTW Prototype

Evaluative Study: Ethnographies
Using a virtual reality, we designed our mobility experience prototype to testing self-integrating, self-configuring, self-learning, self-socializing, self-driving and self-healing features. 

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Designing A Magical Product EcoSystem

My approach to designing a remarkable end-to-end customer experience employed human-centered systems design methodology which brought empathy to the complexity of the driving experience. First, I established a shared vision, mission and principles. Then, I took a deep dive into the vehicle’s core systems and connectivity, exploring and organizing the treasure trove of exabytes of telematics data from the CAN bus (control area network of the automobile). Simultaneously to those activities, I gathered state-by-state distracted driver, privacy and safety requirements to establish an informed framework that united key stakeholders.

Together with General Motors designer’s and hardware suppliers Bosch, Pioneer, and Harman, I conducted workshops, sketched, whiteboarded and diagramed conversation models in addition to wireframing user flows and interactions and prototyped inventions and voice and screen interface patterns to provoke a thoughtful approach to iterative interaction design between parts of the whole ecosystem. This methodology to human-centered systems design combined with IBM Watson’s Personality Insights, Watson Retrieve and Rank, Tradeoff Analytics, and Watson Conversation APIs quickly became coined as Cognitive Experience Design.

OnStar Go: Head Unit User Experience
The following skills demonstrate enchanting automation of human rituals on the go.  These user flows represent 3 of  more than 280 cross-industry ai powered skills templates designed for vehicle infotainment systems. 

Virtual Gas Attendant

Virtual Gas Attendant: User Story
A daily commuter is given foresight with a cognitive alert that prevents him from running out of fuel while stuck in traffic ahead of it happening and is guided to a nearby fueling station, after he pulls up, he can select the pump, and pay for his fuel without cash or a credit card.

Virtual Drive-Thru: User Story
A busy executive receives a cognitive invitation is given the gift of realization when she can pre-order a pumpkin spice latte on a fall day and ahead of her visit she is able to see friends near her favorite coffee shop. The coffee shop is alerted to her as soon as she arrives and her order is brought to the car within minutes of her pulling up, saving her time and keeping her on the move.

Reflexive Reminders: User Story
A father of three is given the power of total recall with a cognitive reminder to pick up diapers and baby formula at the pharmacy, two miles ahead of his exit.  Once he arrives at the store he is able to have his order loaded into his car curbside.

DJ Watson | User Story: The road tripper gets a cognitive invitation to hear a selection of news, entertainment and history curated to their mood and their location, that is tailored to the exact length of their journey, in real-time.

Food Discovery | User Story
When driving in a new city, a foodie is given culinary acumen with real time dining recommendations from local chefs based on her personality insights and preferences. She is able to select a restaurant, hear about recommended dishes and reserve a table, helping her discover the best dining experience in time for dinner.

OnStar Go 
Skills Marketplace

Every skill that is brought to the platform is an opportunity for brands, companies and developers to help you eat, shop, work, play and prosper on the move - faster, safer, and in a more personalized way.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 12.29.18 AM

OnStar Go Design System
and Intelligent Human Interface Guidelines (iHIG)

An Ai powered atomic design system was developed for designers and developers. The OnStar Go skills studio delivers head unit and voice interface templates, components and software development documents that when used measurably improved the driver and passenger experience by making our voice and head unit interfaces more intuitive, learnable, and consistent.


Product Preview
At IBM's World of Watson

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Joanna routinely to speaks and keynotes at conferences, corporations, non-profits, educational and professional organizations. Her subject matter expertise is customized to meet the needs of each audience. 

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