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This Crypto Jews art work is designed as an ode and offering during Dia De Los Muertos and Sukkot. This traveling exhibition was inspired by my Mexican-Jewish roots in San Antonio, Texas and North Western Mexico. Crypto-Judaism is the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing to be of another faith in order to survive. Today, many descendants of the crypto jews are discovering the intersectionality of our shared indigenous practices. The diaspora of our indigenous, Sephardic ancestors have a deep connection to this moment in history. A moment of historic recurrence, that shatters the norms for human rights by separation of families from their children, secret expulsions, incarceration and exclusion of immigrants from the United States of America and it's promise. 

This exhibition honors the people that have lost their children and lives seeking abundance of resources, safety, peace and freedom in our generation’s latinX holocaust.

Dia De Los Muertos also known as the Day of the Dead is not commonly compared to Jewish-American traditions. However, during the study of my jewish ancestors during sukkot 2 years ago, I realized that I found myself drawing new connections to Día de los muertos. Both Sukkot and Day of the Dead have an emphasis on remembering those who came before us. The common thread between the two fiestas is that we recognize and remember ancestors and loved ones, welcoming them back into our lives. As we celebrate Sukkot, we invite ushpizin into our sukkah, spirits that represent values and qualities of Judaism’s greatest contributors like Abraham and Sarah or Moses and Miriam, but can also be the spirits of our own family and friends. As it is a joyful harvest holiday, it is common practice to decorate the sukkah with harvest foods and artwork. Similarly, for Day of the Dead, we invite our ancestors to visit our family.

The Crypto Jews Exhibition lives in artfully designed sukkahs, temporary beautiful spaces near detention centers for people to ritualistically contemplate our connection to the past so that we can conspire to fight for a future of equality. I invite you to purchase any of these contemporary art pieces honoring inspiring figures in Jewish and Latinx history. All proceeds are donated to RAICES.





crypto jews

Each foil stamped, debossed skull celebrates a departed soul, designed with cryptographic symbols that honor their story and exalt their return on Sukkot and Dia De Los Muertos. Each print is crafted on a black matte parchment, with a print press foil that offer a striking illumination.

PRICES: $150.00 - $500.00

Selected Works

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Breathe3D MasksPublic Works Design

CadillacAutomotive Ai: AR + VR

Citi BankProduct Design: Apple Watch App

CognitiveExperience.DesignGenerative Design + Machine Learning

Crypto JewsArt Exhibition

DusseBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Earth SpeaksStrategy, Product + Conversation Design

Ford Smart AdvisorAi Powered Product Design

General Motors OnStar GoProduct Ecosystem Design

Girl Scouts of AmericaAi Powered Product Design

The IRC - New RootsBranding, Product Design

AWS IoT Things GraphEnterprise IoT Product Design

AWS IoT EventsEnterprise Product Design

John DeereProduct Design + Ai

The MatrixDevice & Voice Game Design

Ford MobilityMobile & Internet of Things Design

Frontier CommunicationsBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Rémy MartinProduct Design, Mobile

IBM iXBranding, Org & Product Design

H3Product Design, Mobile + Wearble Tech



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