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At the nascent stages of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is radically accelerating change in the disciplines of human factors, ergonomics, industrial, information, interaction, interior design and architecture. Whether you are a product designer of connected devices (Internet of Things), websites, mobile applications or an architect or interior designer building a home, a commercial or building or an urban planner developing land use programs Ai and quantum computing are enabling the designer to make our experiences more intelligent for our users, customers and constituents.

As we forge ahead, with command of the command line using intelligent tech to power our designs, designers can strive captivate customers with enduring relationships that get smarter with every usage.




Cognitive Experience Design, is the practice of using artificial intelligence (ai) to invent, reinvent and design products, services, systems, organizations and or the way a companies or governments work. Cognitive Experience Design unites 4 disparate design practices: The artful intention and intuition of Human Centered and User Centered Design and the objective scientific approach to Cognitive and Neuro-Ergonomics. Simply put, Cognitive Experience Design moves business from the management fad of design thinking to the measurable magic of Design For Thinking & Doing.

This CognitiveExperience.Design site is a living collection of resources at intersection of design, data, media, machine learning and artificial intelligence that strives to democratize learning and intelligence for all humans.

Selected Works

Amazon Echo & Alexa DevicesProduct Ecosystem Design

Breathe3D MasksPublic Works Design

CadillacAutomotive Ai: AR + VR

Citi BankProduct Design: Apple Watch App

CognitiveExperience.DesignGenerative Design + Machine Learning

Crypto JewsArt Exhibition

DusseBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Earth SpeaksStrategy, Product + Conversation Design

Ford Smart AdvisorAi Powered Product Design

General Motors OnStar GoProduct Ecosystem Design

Girl Scouts of AmericaAi Powered Product Design

The IRC - New RootsBranding, Product Design

AWS IoT Things GraphEnterprise IoT Product Design

AWS IoT EventsEnterprise Product Design

John DeereProduct Design + Ai

The MatrixDevice & Voice Game Design

Ford MobilityMobile & Internet of Things Design

Frontier CommunicationsBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Rémy MartinProduct Design, Mobile

IBM iXBranding, Org & Product Design

H3Product Design, Mobile + Wearble Tech



Joanna routinely to speaks and keynotes at conferences, corporations, non-profits, educational and professional organizations. Her subject matter expertise is customized to meet the needs of each audience. 

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TALK: Making Magic with Ai

Ai is the tool of the modern magician. At the nascent stages of the another industrial and social revolution, magic + math, multiplied by design makes what is invariable hard — seem remarkably easy.

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