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The Problem

In March 2020, having reached a crisis point in the United States and around the world, hospitals, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and frontline organizations are facing shortages in mission-critical personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. masks, face shields during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

As states, cities and towns lifted shelter in place orders against the advice of public health professionals, the number of COVID-19 cases continued to rise and PPE shortages became more acute in under funded, impoverished and vulnerable communities. 

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.


Mahatma Gandhi

A global crisis met with ambitious design
What if we would protect 100 million people with sustainable, reusable, personal protection equipment (PPE) that reduces the spread of COVID-19, decreases PPE pollution on land and oceans, and increase the availability of PPE to healthcare professionals treating patients across the globe?

The Audacity of Public Works Programs : 100M Mask Mayday

In seven days, we assembled a pandemic design corps who dared to design an inclusive destiny for millions of people. Together, we launched an open source design brief, raised money to fund the creation of an open source mask design and began gathering healthcare use cases.

Math & Magic
Working with healthcare professionals, I led the DesignedByUs.org Design Corps human factors and applied research scientists to use an Exascan 3D Laser surface scanners to take anthropometric facial measurements in order to create a database of 3D faces representing 95% of the global population. 



Working with Design Corps 3D print community and material scientist we analyzed multiple mask form factors, copper alloys and filtration materials that could capture 95% Bacteria, droplet nucle (1.0–0.3 μm | MPR 1500-1900) in addition to elastics and comfort foam seals. Using the Montana Mask form factor, created at the Billings Clinic a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network we began using our 3D face database to iterate, improve and innovate the ergonomic fit and comfort features of the mask. We simulated droplet transmission and tested filtration materials.

Over a 2 week period we produced 200+ prototypes,tested filtration and comfort with healthcare professionals, refined our 3D models and simulations and developed ready-to-wear sizes that would fit 95% of the global population.

Using FDA-compliant, ISO-certified, Antibacterial 3D Printing Filaments and hospital grade, reusable, washable MERV-13 filters we designed the Breathe3D mask to achieve approximately 95-97% filtration and offer 8 hours of comfort. 


Sustainable Ingenuity.

The Breathe3D mask was launched with healthcare heroes and essential professionals, like the Navajo nation, school, farm and domestic workers in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, decrease PPE pollution on land and oceans, and increase the availability of PPE among healthcare professionals treating patients across the globe.

The Breathe3D business model and mask were designed and produced to meet The United Nations Sustainable Goals 3, 6 and 13.

Scaling Mask Production & Distribution

As CEO of DesignedByUs.org we funded the creation of a COVID safe network 3D print fab lab studios, reskilled apprentices and makers in Hawaii, California, Texas and New York and began printing and producing Breathe3D Masks. In late 2020, we expanded mask donations and production to refugee camps in Kakuma, Kenya and Latin America. 



Delivering Results

  • Trained 5,500+ women, girls, ethnic minorities and disabled persons to create Breath3D masks and sustainable PPE solutions.
  • Donated and delivered 11.7M masks and counting. 
  • Partnered with the Poor People’s Campaign and protected election and poll workers in 46 states.
  • Partnered with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and protected domestic workers.
  • Launched MaskUp.DesignedByUs.org to the general public with a sustainable social giving business model.
  • Developed a new US based supply chain for filament, filters and packaging.
  • Launched multiple public service advertising campaigns that educate people on the importance of sustainable PPE usage and social distancing behaviors.

Selected Works

Breathe3D MasksPublic Works Design

CognitiveExperience.DesignGenerative Design + Machine Learning

Amazon Echo & Alexa DevicesProduct Ecosystem Design

CadillacAutomotive Ai: AR + VR

Citi BankProduct Design: Apple Watch App

Crypto JewsArt Exhibition

DusseBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Earth SpeaksStrategy, Product + Conversation Design

Ford Smart AdvisorAi Powered Product Design

General Motors OnStar GoProduct Ecosystem Design

Girl Scouts of AmericaAi Powered Product Design

AWS IoT Things GraphEnterprise IoT Product Design

AWS IoT EventsEnterprise Product Design

The IRC - New RootsBranding, Product Design

The MatrixDevice & Voice Game Design

Ford MobilityMobile & Internet of Things Design

Frontier CommunicationsBranding, Product Design, Advertising

Rémy MartinProduct Design, Mobile

IBM iXBranding, Org & Product Design

H3Product Design, Mobile + Wearble Tech

Speaking Engagments


Joanna routinely to speaks and keynotes at conferences, corporations, non-profits, educational and professional organizations. Her subject matter expertise is customized to meet the needs of each audience. 

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