1. Ogilvy in New York have racked up 200,000 YouTube visits with a series of virals for Foster’s
    beer, shot in shaky camcorder style and directing viewers to a bespoke
    site, http://www.crackopenafriendly.com. A nicely integrated online campaign
    with some cringeworthy home video action? We’ll take it!
  2. BBH in London have curated a series for web films for Impulse body spray’s new variant Tease. Hosted at www.actonimpulse.com,
    the four films were produced by female, up-and-coming directors and are
    based around the idea that ‘girls like guys to chase them’. As long as
    they’re tall, good-looking and financially solvent.
  3. Impulse’s male counterpart, the ubiquitous Lynx/Axe, have launched a site for new variant Blow
    in which you can strip a poor shivering model down to her smalls by
    blowing through your computer’s microphone. Highlights are hosted on
    YouTube, and creative came from Dare Digital. www.lynxblow.com (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJwEC0kZ7Ms)
  4. There’s a really helpful Mediapost article here about Web 3.0,
    explaining the effect that ‘semantic search’ will have on the way we
    use the web. Get to grips with it now, it’s coming faster than you
    think.  As author Cory Treffiletti points out, we’ll be able
    to enter things like: ‘I want to take a vacation, on a beach. I need
    things to do for my three kids and I want to be able to eat great
    seafood. I don’t want to spend more than $3,000 and I would like to be
    gone for 6 days.’ Your search results would then reflect exactly this,
    including child care packages and restaurants in the area. We’ve had
    enough of letting search dictate to us. Bring on the revolution! http://blogs.mediapost.com/spin/?p=926
  5. IKEA have announced plans to build 500 'cookie cutter' homes across the UK: www.psfk.com/2006/11/coming_to_the_u.html
  6. Not sure who did this one, but it makes for entertaining viewing – Manix condoms prove so pleasurable, they bring about the end of the world. Even the Queen is a fan, apparently. Thanks to AdRants for digging this one out. If you made it, drop us a line. www.tropdeplaisir.net
  7. And – as if that wasn’t enough – have a ridiculous web film about the Viral Learning Center. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsHPJ0eJilU&eurl
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