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February 17, 2019No Comments

Design 2020

Design 2020

In 2019, we are all in a race to 2020.

Generation Z has arrived, and they expect intelligently designed brand experiences.  Gen Z’s 44 billion dollars of disposable income has triggered a tsunami of change as industry races towards 2020. In a recent C-suite study, 68 percent of C-suite executives expect their enterprise organizations to emphasize customer experience over products. During industry’s dance with disruption, Design has elevated itself at the new seat of power at the table and in the boardroom.

That seat comes with expectations that design will act as a conductor of a symphonic enterprise. Great design leaders share the same characteristics as conductors of an orchestra. Like Gustavo Dudamel  or Alondra de la Parra’s ability to seat an inclusive band of musicians who bring to life a euphoric cacophony of sound that heals and inspires the soul, design leaders, have the ability to conduct the enterprise like a symphony to deliver intelligent brand experiences that matter for customers and our world. From the momentous design trends composing change at the scale of the cosmos to minuets found in crafting design systems, I will lay the foundation for the future of design.

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Generation Z has arrived, and they expect intelligently designed brand experiences.  Gen Z’s 44 billion dollars of disposable income has triggered a tsunami of change as industry races towards 2020. By @jojobickley via @jpenabickley

September 18, 2007No Comments

ON: Universal Usability

This is a great deck put out by Nokia on insights that have lead to the development of better features and more usable handsets. This is one of the most insightful user experience decks I have seen in a long time.


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March 24, 2007No Comments

ON: The New Yorker Redesigned

Take a classic publication and give it lift through an new interface and what you get is the newly designed New Yorker!


View it at: http://www.newyorker.com/

ON: The New Yorker Redesigned via @jpenabickley

December 8, 20063 Comments

ON:WStudio – Elan Skis


This week this WStudio - Elan Skis site caught my eye.  I think they did a great job of integrating video as an education and branding tool.  I also like the concept of navigation that gets dragged and dropped.  Click here to view WStudio's site >>

What do you think???

ON:WStudio – Elan Skis via @jpenabickley

November 15, 2006No Comments

ON: Rolls Royce


This weeks site is sleek and captures much of the brand's essence.   Even though I have never been a fan of the full screen force,  this site was worth the  desktop space.
Visit the site at http://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com

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November 7, 2006No Comments

ON: A Passion Point Touched


As most of you know one of my passions is skiing.  With the exception of a bit of a heavy load on the front, this site was soooo worth the wait. 
I am so digging the new woman’s skis.

Visit the site today!  Click Here to visit Salomon Freestyle 2006


ON: A Passion Point Touched via @jpenabickley

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