Overall,’s redesign is a great improvement over their old site.  It brings them on par with Target.  However, I’m really surprised that Walmart didn’t implement some form of faceted/guided navigation (e.g. Endeca).  Perhaps they’re prepping this up for their next iteration as they move from redesign to design optimization.

From the press release:

The site redesign is a sweeping overhaul that
touches 1,000 categories and more than 2 million pages at,
with dramatic new designs of the Home, Apparel and Electronics
departments. It also includes the following upgrades and innovations:

  • New Look & Feel - Features larger images, clean, bold design, and clear, crisp messages.
  • Fewer Clicks - Allows for fewer than 4 clicks to product checkout from any starting point.
  • Rich Interactive Content -Interactive elements on more than 5,000
    site pages allow users to easily obtain information without going to
    another page. For example, a new “peel to reveal” function marries the
    online world with the way customers use traditional magazines by
    allowing them to click a “peel” option that reveals additional content.
  • Smart Home & Apparel Solutions - Comprehensive home and apparel
    collections tell an inspiring story, and enable users to shop by room
    collection or apparel outfit.
  • CNET Information - Industry-leading CNET buying guides were added
    so that customers can research information online and make more
    informed purchase decisions
ON:’s Facelife via @jpenabickley