As the newspaper industry scrambles to update itself in the digital
age, the New York Times's new electronic "Reader" will feature dynamic
ads that allow users to click through to landing pages that contain
more info - even when the user isn't online, reports MediaPost (via MarketingVox).

In the Times Reader beta (launched
in Sept.), the newspaper's print ads are swapped out and replaced with
larger online versions. Each Times page in the Reader has only one ad,
located above the fold. The new format has already attracted
advertisers, including AT&T, Columbia University and Tourneau.

The Reader is a downloadable application compatible with Microsoft
Vista and Windows XP that makes the entire newspaper available for
browsing in a format similar to the print edition. Once the Reader
software is installed, the computer automatically downloads the latest
edition of the paper, which can then be browsed even when the computer
isn't online.

Stories appear in columns and blocks sized to fit on a computer
screen for readability. Users can resize the text, choose different
fonts, highlight key parts and make notes on the content at the bottom
of each page.

ON: NYT Digital Reader to Sport New Ad Type via @jpenabickley