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January 23, 2007No Comments

ON: Super Bowl Commercials Live Second Life Online

More than 50 commercials appeared during Super Bowl XL on Sunday,
but instead of vanishing into the ether as they once did, many have
already found a "second life" online, writes the New York Times (via
MarketingVox). This year, many have been officially made available
through streaming video online - for watching, forwarding, adding to
personal web pages, and even downloading to video iPods. And the
post-game ad buzz is taking the hurt off the estimated $2.5 million
price tag for each 30-second ad.

Among those that have put up videos of Super Bowl commercials are AOL, Google, MSN,
Yahoo and ifilm.com, as well as sites run by the National Football
League and media outlets such as ESPN, USA Today and the Wall Street

The websites of Super Bowl advertisers such as FedEx, Ford, the Bud
Light and Budweiser brands, and GM's Cadillac and Hummer brands, have
posted ads - and some have created microsites for the commercials.

Intelliseek chief marketing officer Pete Blackshaw is quoted as
saying the microsites are the equivalent of using TiVo. "It's about
consuming advertising at your own pace, and the microsites are almost
like portals for watching ads.

ON: Super Bowl Commercials Live Second Life Online via @jpenabickley

December 4, 2006No Comments

ON: NYT Digital Reader to Sport New Ad Type

As the newspaper industry scrambles to update itself in the digital
age, the New York Times's new electronic "Reader" will feature dynamic
ads that allow users to click through to landing pages that contain
more info - even when the user isn't online, reports MediaPost (via MarketingVox).

In the Times Reader beta (launched
in Sept.), the newspaper's print ads are swapped out and replaced with
larger online versions. Each Times page in the Reader has only one ad,
located above the fold. The new format has already attracted
advertisers, including AT&T, Columbia University and Tourneau.

The Reader is a downloadable application compatible with Microsoft
Vista and Windows XP that makes the entire newspaper available for
browsing in a format similar to the print edition. Once the Reader
software is installed, the computer automatically downloads the latest
edition of the paper, which can then be browsed even when the computer
isn't online.

Stories appear in columns and blocks sized to fit on a computer
screen for readability. Users can resize the text, choose different
fonts, highlight key parts and make notes on the content at the bottom
of each page.

ON: NYT Digital Reader to Sport New Ad Type via @jpenabickley

September 8, 2006No Comments

ON: Sirius Offers Improved Sound Quality Online, for a Fee

Sirius Satellite Radio plans to launch an online radio subscription
service, dubbed Sirius Internet Radio Plus, for a subscription price of
$12.95 per month for the base package.

The service will allow
users to hear music played at CD quality - including music channels and
select talk channels - at 48kps (the current free Sirius internet radio
service offers streaming audio at a mere 32kps), according to Orbitcast.

Existing subscribers can upgrade to SIR Plus for an additional $2.99
a month. No additional channels will be available through the service,
which is simply an upgrade in sound quality.  When on Sirius catch the Original MTV crew on The Big 80's.

ON: Sirius Offers Improved Sound Quality Online, for a Fee via @jpenabickley

September 7, 2006No Comments

Behavioral Targeting ON: Comes to Microsoft’s adCenter

Microsoft has integrated behavioral targeting into paid search advertising via its adCenter platform.4739

As of Tuesday, advertisers have the capability of showing their pay-per-click ads to users based on their web-surfing history, reports
MediaPost. Microsoft's MSN unit will study surfers' search behavior to
deduce their interests and categorize them among 18 audience segments,
including mobile users, internet power users, gamers, movie watchers,
new/expecting moms, parents, and various categories related to travel
searchers and auto buyers.

Behavioral targeting
differentiates paid search via adCenter from market leader Google's
AdWords and Yahoo's Search Marketing. adCenter's targeting capabilities
include daypart, demographic and geographic targeting.

Behavioral Targeting ON: Comes to Microsoft’s adCenter via @jpenabickley



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