More than 50 commercials appeared during Super Bowl XL on Sunday,
but instead of vanishing into the ether as they once did, many have
already found a "second life" online, writes the New York Times (via
MarketingVox). This year, many have been officially made available
through streaming video online - for watching, forwarding, adding to
personal web pages, and even downloading to video iPods. And the
post-game ad buzz is taking the hurt off the estimated $2.5 million
price tag for each 30-second ad.

Among those that have put up videos of Super Bowl commercials are AOL, Google, MSN,
Yahoo and, as well as sites run by the National Football
League and media outlets such as ESPN, USA Today and the Wall Street

The websites of Super Bowl advertisers such as FedEx, Ford, the Bud
Light and Budweiser brands, and GM's Cadillac and Hummer brands, have
posted ads - and some have created microsites for the commercials.

Intelliseek chief marketing officer Pete Blackshaw is quoted as
saying the microsites are the equivalent of using TiVo. "It's about
consuming advertising at your own pace, and the microsites are almost
like portals for watching ads.

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