Two years ago when I was working with MTV on a project for Hershey's at Spring Break in Cancun, I articulated why people would watch the realty based web-cast Ice Breakers Watch, Whoa & Vote.  I said "We will all some day have our 15MB of Fame and the brands who facilitate it will win."   

One year later, in a meeting an MTV exec quoted me back to me in presentation on Widgets. Then my client, the Dibs brand used it has the headline of their site when we launched the Dibs Film Fest. (my humble opinion was they should have used another headline as I thought that it was not consumer speak - it was marketing speak... or was it??? seems to have lured consumers to participate in the Dibs Film Fest)

As time has passed the idea - which was a take on Andy Worhal's line - seems to have caught on.  I would love to know what brands you think are doing a good job of facilitating fame.  And if you have your own brand leave me a comment so I can celebrate your celebrity as well!

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