A whimsical site for the Oscar nominated "Pan's
" reflects the filmmaker's vision and features a
Deep Focus-created forum for fans to turn their own artwork into an
interactive experience.

Journals of Imagination serves as a forum for fans to turn their
original artwork into an interactive experience. Once a user uploads
their artwork, they are able to create their own digital sketchbook,
using a variety of customization tools, including tracks from the
original score. Once saved, personal sketchbooks are placed in a
gallery for all site visitors to view, rate and comment on. In addition
to user ratings, a special feature in the microsite enables Guillermo
Del Toro himself to mark his favorite fan-created sketchbooks. At the
contest completion, Guillermo's picks will be included on the DVD.

This is one of the smartest sites I have seen in a long time!

Visit the site at http://www.panslabyrinth.com/mysketchbook/

ON:Putting Users Inside “Pan’s Labyrinth” via @jpenabickley