The sand of the Mexican Riviera (Cancun) beneath my feet, the sunlight bouncing off my D&G shades, Fall Out Boy playing in the background, but I am the only one on the beach.  Here I thought I was going to be amidst America’s youth taking a break from the books.  Nope!  They are all standing in line waiting to get their 15 MB of fame.  Ice Breakers is holding an open casting call in the MTVu
at the Oasis Hotel. 

I do have to admit that this is a bit of shameless self-promotion on a portfolio-building case study I am working on.

We started with the Ice Breakers Sours and joined them with MTV & the Cancun Spring Break Broadcast from Cancun, Mexico. Then we sprinkled in brand partnerships with iFilm, PureDigital and MTV.com to give this promotion some lift. 

Here is the promotion skinny:

  • We held an open casting call for a male and female to appear in the next sours commercial.
  • After the hundreds of Spring Breakers got their chance to read for the Director we began to narrow the pool of candidates.
  • Our fabulous four joined us on the beach to compete in branded challenges and fun activities that will air exclusively on watchandwhoa.com and iFilm.
  • The real fun begins with your vote.  We open a digital democracy @ watchandwhoa.com in order to enlist you to participate by helping us choose which “couple” will appear in a our “Beach” spot that is being shot later in the week in Cancun.

Be sure to give you’re MySpace page the chill of our Cancun-Spring Break MySpace skin.

(Do not forget to come back after the vote to see the folks who did not make the cut, Whoa! moments brought to us on PureDigital Cameras; and don’t miss the launch the Podcast “The Making of Whoa”)

Vote for a Whoa! @ watchandwhoa.com


ON: Spring Break, Ice Breakers Sours and MTV via @jpenabickley