I love Wiki's! I love the idea of collaborative creativity across the web.  The core of sharing starts with a Wiki so in the spirit of not wanting to detract from the online hotness that is Wikipedia - but using the Wiki technology has now been put to a potentially even more exciting

Wala moment! Enter Meet the Joneses, a highly interactive online comedy sitcom, with Ford as the key sponsor.

are posted daily, with a variety of web 2.0 worthy ways for viewers and
collaborators to get involved. The series follows Dawn and Ian,
daughter and son of a prolific sperm donor, on their quest around
Europe finding a potentially infinite number of siblings. Episodes are
hosted at www.wherearethejoneses.com where comments can be posted to
the blog, or for the more intrepid, a wiki site (http://wherearethejoneses.wikidot.com/)
allows you to be script writers to add, remove and edit content online,
in a giant user-generated, collaborative project. Flickr, Twitter,
MySpace and Facebook all provide access points to the story and
characters, as well as blogs on WordPress.

Can you imagine the exciting challenge,
exploring new ways of delivering and targeting comedy in a totally
original, interactive format. The beauty of this adventure is that no one person knows where it will end, that’s quite literally
up to the users/fans.

ON: Where are the Joneses Wiki via @jpenabickley