Social influencers consider online advertising one of the most
important factors in their purchase decisions, second only to websites
for a source of learning about products.

A new study from DoubleClick shows that online advertising influences the word-of-mouth of influencers, writes MediaPost. Influencers
clearly rely on the web more than their non-influencer counterparts,
with 40 percent saying they use websites as their top source of
research when they shop, compared to only 31 percent of non-influencers.

Influencers are also more likely to enjoy their advertising: 76
percent agree they are likely to pay attention to advertising when they
are shopping for relevant products, (opposed to 63 of non-influencers).
Influencers are more likely to do internet research as a result of the
ads they have seen in traditional media, and to talk about ads to their

Companies, then, can increase the impact of their word of mouth
campaigns by allocating some dollars through advertising. "Influencers
pay attention to advertising, especially online and in emerging media
platforms," Rick Bruner, DoubleClick's director of research and
industry relations, is quoted as saying.

DoubleClick is a digital marketing technology and services company.

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