This week I was asked by a number of advertising execs how I could build a brand through an online expereince.  Over the last ten years the answer to that question has evolved...

I believe that building a brand is more than just creating a logo, mark or putting up a fun website.
Brand building means taking the personality of a company or product and
all that embodies it, to build a consumer experience from each of the
elements and characteristics that made it successful to this point.

First I use Personas (and have for the last 6 years) to build the a story.  Using emotional design while expressing brand through technology has been the key to building a compelling story that a consumer will interact with.  Each time I establish a vision for a brand I work with in order to approach
building powerful online brands which inspire loyalty in its

In each project I approach or pitch, I utilize the
ten commandments of brand development.

  1. From Consumers To People - Consumers buy, people live.
  2. From Product To Experience - Products fulfill needs. Experiences fulfill desires.
  3. From Honesty To Trust - Honesty is expected. Trust is engaging and intimate. It needs to be earned.
  4. From Quality To Preference - Quality for the right price is a given today. Preference creates the sale.
  5. From Notoriety To Aspiration - Being known does not mean that you are also loved!
  6. From Identity To Personality - Identity is recognition. Personality is about character and charisma!
  7. From
    Function To Feel - The functionality of a product is about practical or
    superficial qualities only. Sensorial design is about experiences.
  8. From Ubiquity To Presence - Ubiquity is seen. Emotional presence is felt.
  9. From Communication To Dialogue - Communication is telling. Dialogue is sharing.
  10. From Service To Relationship - Service is selling. Relationship is acknowledgment.               

Utilizing these high standards and understanding consumers online behaviors
(instead of using the focus group of one approach) allows me to formulate an evolutionary online brand that
communicates with its loyal consumer base as well as woo new consumers in a natual organic and viral fashion.

ON: Digital Brand Building via @jpenabickley