The 2007 account planning season is moving ahead full steam.  Large sums of budget are moving towards online or digital media and advertising next year.  While the brainstorms are getting underway I thought I would recommend five great account planning blogs to watch.

The Fallon Planning Blog - From the account planners at Fallon. The Fallon Planning Blog
focuses on brand and trends in marketing.

Russell Davies
- Quickly becoming one of the best-known account planners, Russell
writes high-quality posts almost daily. He has a very specific point of
view and isn’t afraid to share it. He’s doing a great service to the
planning and creative community by hammering home the message that
broadening your perspective and assuming a generalist mindset is
essential for anyone involved in marketing and advertising. Russell is
one of the partners at Open Intelligence Agency.

Brand New by Gareth Kay
- I’m addicted to Brand New. Gareth keeps his posts short and sweet;
the kind of posts I can check quickly, get the point and then get back
to work. Gareth is a planner at Modernista!

- There’s something restless about Adliterate that keeps me coming back
for more. Like Russell, Richard Huntington, who writes Adliterate, has
a very specific point of view on topics and it comes across in every
post. Richard’s day-job is at United London.

The Staufenberger Repository - This one is new on my blogroll.  The Repository is written by the folks at Staufenberger, Smith and Butte.
They only recently came to my attention when Russell gave them some
link love after they posted a couple of PDFs from JWT’s 70’s era
planning and creative group.

What are your favorite planning blogs?

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