As many of you know I am the Vice President of Interactive in a traditional promotions agency.  For a marketer who was born digital and spent my career working in big digital shops (Organic, Digitas) or building digital shops (DigitalSolutions and BBG) the transition to TL has been an eye opening experience to the other side of the equation. Acting as the sole agency Digital Media guru I organized a set of sessions called Digital Days that gave our agency senior leadership access to  the best minds in the Online Video Revolution. This was the first in a series of what I hope will continue to be eye opening, educational sessions for traditionally trained marketers.

Today I am happy to present our first in a series of TracyLocke Digital Days- with a goal of educating and raising awareness of the plethora of cool digital strategy and tools..  Today we are focusing on the fastest growing phenomena of the Internet.  Online Video. 

The purpose of today’s sessions is to give you guys access to the movers and shakers within the digital industry. Each of our guests is an expert in a specific area of the digital video and advertising.   

This is an open forum with the presenters to gain access to their insights, case studies and best practices.   You have often heard me speak of no boundaries – and there are not many in liminal space… what we do have is best practices.

Today’s theme is “the Revolution is not being televised.”  It will not be televised in a conventional way or space.  How could we expect it to?  We do not live in conventional times.   Lets be clear TV is not Dead - But what you will learn today is that we must break from convention to keep up with our consumers.

We in the marketing industry are living in one of the greatest times because online video allows is to break from convention.  In 1971, Gill Scott-Heron wrote the “Revolution will not be televised”. I often ponder if he realized that his prediction would be so incredibly accurate.  He was clearly not talking about marketing.

I often said that the last twelve years of my career in the interactive space has been a time of living in liminal space.  After meeting Janet Kestin, the ECD who created the Dove Evolution video, last month I was inspired and reminded that after 12 years we STILL have no boundaries- just best practices.

In breaking from convention…The Revolution will not be televised…
It is being seen WHEN, WHERE and HOW people choose to see it. 

Our own industry has broken from convention...This year @ D&AD – one of the most challenging traditional advertising shows in the world, they gave the highest honor of the show to Tim Berners-Lee.  Tim invented the world wide web.  In 1989, he created an Internet based hypermedia initiative for global information sharing.  Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first web client server.  In 1990, he created the specification URLs, HTTP and HTML.  (these are all things we take for granted after 17 years)

I think this speaks volumes of where we are today. Our industry, the digital video industry has matured.  So has our consumer. Online Video has given our consumers the ability to talk to us – not in focus groups- but in a dialog, a video conversation, which is happening in real time.  Live.

On that note, I would like to introduce…

  • Sean Mahoney VideoEgg and The Egg Network
    The Egg Network is the Internets version of a cable network on steroids.
    Disruption of Traditional Media and Trends in Online Video Advertising
  • EyeWonder
    EyeWonder has quickly become the best platform for serving rich video and interactive video through online ads.
  • Matt Spielman Director, MTV Networks: MTV – The Generator is the Viacom owned Umbrella that has truly been one of the first  big media companies to change the way the do business to match the way consumers consume media.
  • Mike Hudak Co-founder & CEO Blip.tv: Blip.tv is quickly becoming the model to beat.  Mike Hudak and the team at blip has really taken the content space and created a model for people to make money from their content.
  • Mike Sheehan CEO, SpotXchange, Inc.: The first online video ad exchange.
    Video Ad Serving Trends, Localized video Content and advertising online
  • Mark Rosal Creative Director, Visual Goodness, Inc
    Designing for a video experience online. Experience Design 101 and Trends in Marketplace
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