This week on Twitter there has a drum beat sounding in the distance that seems to be getting louder and closer as inauguration day draws closer and the economic signs continue to get worse.  The messaging is clearly meant for the eyes and ears of the Digi-President and his band of social media gurus called the Triple O.

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Here it is:
"If President-elect Obama wants to make an eye opening statement about
just how bad our financial situation is let him cancel all the fancy
inaugural partying and spend the money getting Americans back to work
building the green economy he says he wants. This way, he would hit the
ground running on day-one in office and show millions of Americans who
have lost their homes, their jobs and their life savings that he feels
their pain.

Better yet, let's tell everyone not to spend their party money on
lavish gowns, limos and caviar. Let's have the President ask potential party-goers to choose a green project and spend the money there. For
your part, Mr. Obama, a good place to start would be putting solar
panels, ripped out by Ronald Reagan, back on the roof of the White
House. That would send a real message. While you're at it, take that
inaugural ride down Pennsylvania Avenue in a hybrid.

We know everyone wants to party. We're happy about change, too. But
ditch the fancy jewelry, gas guzzling limos and the imported water in
those square bottles. Because those of us on the outside, with no
pension money and wondering where we are going to retire, are not

Mr. President-elect, we are thrilled for real change. But two months
from now, partying may be the last thing on our minds. Start the ball
rolling on Jan. 20th, and not wait until after the ball is over."

- Source: Science Friday

There is a part of me that agrees with the call to action. (and another side of me that does enjoy a party.) If we are really going to "CHANGE" anything one must lead by example.  It seems like a BIG party might celebrate the first African-American President. But what a BIG party will also signify and accomplish is a vote of "NO CHANGE" from the government spending habits of the past.   As a matter of fact, the same outrage we express and have when the lucrative spending corporations ask for a bail outs while partying on our dime may just be applicable to our government's spending on what should be less of a party and more of a "Get Out & Innovate" day.

We need to inspire and spark a balance of innovation in services and products built here in the USA to help begin rebuilding from the inside out.

"Action is Eloquence" - William Shakespeare

What are your thoughts? Are we Partying our way in to (dare i say) a Depression?

ON: To Party or Not To Party via @jpenabickley