As most of you know, I have grown up as a digital creative.
(we need not rehash that crap)  In order for me to have gained the
creative Sherpa status by my peers and colleagues I have carried the wear with all of
a good experience designer. What has
kept me driven has been the study or obsession with human behavior. 

When I
was younger I was more than fascinated by groups of people who are defined by
their defiant behaviors such as serial killers.  Yup, I am a serial killer
junkie. I am one of those idiot consumers who bought into the TimeLife series
after a late night working in front of the TV.  So now that you know that
about me, you will understand why I was completely intrigued by a rich media ad
in face book for the Poughkeepsie Tapes.
I immediately clicked-through to find a site that looked like a production
company site who had stumbled on to tapes that a serial killer made in
September of 2001.

All of the sudden I felt a rush, and not it was not my morning coffee!  It
was a rush of curiosity that lead me to believe for about 20 minutes that I was
so occupied during September of 2001 that I would not have heard about this
very violent series of murders caught on tape.  It appeared as though a horrific
series of consumer generated videos that brought you close to a consumer that you
or I would not want to know. 

After about another 5 seconds of disbelief
and anguish (over the fact I would have to give up my serial murderer guru
status) I began running the Google searches and WALA... my mind was put at
ease.  It was a hoax. A Mocumentary
ala The Blair Witch Project! (whew…can still wear the crown at parties)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a fictional
documentary horror film released in 2007 at the Tribeca Film
The narrative is presented as a documentary pieced together from a fictional serial
killer's amateur footage. Most of the filming was done in upstate New York. The
film was directed by John Dowdle and produced by Brothers Dowdle Productions.  Check out the site at documentaryfilmpartners.com seems like it could be a fun horror flick!  Needless to say their creative got me to behave in a way that put one more rental on the cue.

ON: The PoughkeepsieTapes via @jpenabickley