Its has been a while since my kids have watched Sesame Street... But they did.  I am still convinced that Rebecca and Rachel learned the alphabet from the cast of characters designed to teach via entertainment. So when I returned from vacation to find a press release about the new Sesame Street site in my ON:InBox, my interest was peaked to see how the geniuses at the Children's Television Workshop approached digital engagement for kids.


Not much has changed.  Their TV success has now transitioned and converged for the generation who lived converged lives.  Preschoolers online is their target and they do amazing job creating an engaging educational content for kids. The new, is a meaningful
interactive experience that takes their best practices and content and expands them in ways that most have not thought about before.


The site was designed for both parents and their preschoolers (the primary audience) without the typical use of toggling between content.  They are both addressed, instructed and entertained in the same interface. The use parent tips are smart.


The 2 years of ideas, research and $14 million dollars later, lives up to its brand of education for pre-schoolers like no other site I have seen.

If you have a preschooler - visit the site together at:

ON: Sesame Street’s Dedication To Our Kids via @jpenabickley