Scion’s new boisterous looking xD is launching with an equally boisterous campaign. www.littledeviant.com sets the theme – a slick, interactive flash based site.  Its fun and informal tone pitches the car directly at Scion’s young male target audience.
In fact, it’s actually the youngest in the American market, with a
median age of just 38, compared to parent company Toyota’s granddad-like

Rather than going mainstream with their advertising, Scion
keep it underground; guerrilla, web and cinema spots. You will notice right away how the whole theme represents something on a wider scale, and also the similarity between Apple
computers and Scion. Like Apple, they are pushing out products that appeal to an individual and creative group - thus the trend setting early adopters. This is the free thinking minority rebelling against the mundane masses - It’s very much like 1984 all over again.  The game makes a strong reference to one of Scion’s bold moves to set itself apart from the competition – customization.

And it’s done in a really fun way too – you get to rip the sheeple’s
apart and watch your little deviant customize himself with various


Unlike other car companies who offer air fresheners and dog guards, Scion sell a wide range of accessories to pimp your ride – including alloys wheels, air filters and various other pieces of plastic to make
you less attractive to the opposite sex. It’s a strong part of the
brand and the game emphasizes this well.  It’s important to highlight that it doesn't just
end up on a sales screen, oh no. You are rewarded with the opportunity
to to custom make your own little cardboard cutout of the new car, a
really nice touch that gives the viewer something tangible to take away
and cherish.

After this you can view the commercials, meet all the
deviants and then even place them into your own photos to send to your
friends or put on FaceBook. And note the lack of logos on the
characters; the brand doesn’t try and take over, it just becomes a part
of the furniture.

The campaign will continue in early June with comic books being handed out, missing sheeple posters and other various branded material, so keep your eyes peeled.

View the site at: http://www.littledeviant.com

ON: Scion’s Little Deviant via @jpenabickley