Don Julio recently joined the myriad of spirits companies toying with how do they take the most socially consumed products in the world and apply them in to social media. There is nothing more social than sharing a drink with friends. Combined that with the "Authenticity"campaign and what you get is an authentic way to create a drinking experience.


Don Julio has taken a smart idea and instead of trying to re-invent their site, they did the distributed media thing.They partnered with one of the hottest online blogs. Don Julio + UrbanDaddy = a brand faciltaing their consumers drink finds. I love that they highlight both great accounts in the trade as well as distinguishing places that the perfect find with fun categories like "First Date", "In Celebration", "The Bankers", "True Love" and my favorite "With The Parents"

Check it out!

ON: Don Julio Finds An Urban Social Media Voice via @jpenabickley