Last winter while at breakfast with the kids in Paris I became addicted to Orangina.  Every chance I get I grab a 4$ bottle and slurp it down. (and when I am done i want more!!!)  I ran across this great post on Contagious Mag's web site.

Honestly. You put on an animal costume and go hang out in Second Life, everyone thinks you’re a lunatic. Yet somehow, watching Psyop, Stink and FFL Paris’ latest effort for Orangina
in which various animals get unbelievably jiggy in a woodland stripclub
is an oddly erotic experience. Confused? You betcha. We caught up with
Psyop’s Todd Mueller to peel back the layers of Freudian symbolism and set our minds at rest.

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Contagious: Wow. Just: wow. So, did you guys have fun?
I don’t know if fun’s the word. We turned it around in three months,
which is a pretty short time frame for such an epic ad. We used a lot
of motion capture, but did a fair amount of framing and adjustment on
top of that.

Contagious: We noticed it was pretty sexy.
Our intention was to make it as naughty as possible, but in the end
they are fantastic creatures. You’re not exactly watching real people
do it. We were treading very carefully on that edge of acceptability.

Contagious: Animals or no, there are some serious moves in it. Is it something that you’d only get away with in France?
From what I understand, at the moment in France censorship is
self-regulated. The agencies and clients regulate themselves to ensure
no lines are crossed. However, that’s about to change. Sarkozy will be
instigating some kind of government regulation. However, I hope this
would make it through that. It’s more silly than it is dirty, and if
you catch all the sexual innuendoes you’re probably old enough to be
watching them.

Contagious: Psyop was
also responsible for the Coca-Cola Happiness Factory ad, which saw
small cute furry things behaving slightly more wholesomely. When the
rest of the sector is trying to reinforce the link between soft drinks
and fluffy friendliness, is sex the right tool with which to be
flogging Orangina?
Orangina’s a bit of a curious brand. It’s been known more for the
product than the advertising, or any kind of brand identity. There’s a
lot of love for the product, yet no brand value. When they started
working with Fred & Farid [les creatives terribles of the Paris
scene, and founders of FFL] they were trying to give Orangina a sense
of personality, and fun. That’s what we’ve tried to do with the spot.
It’s more about fun and atmosphere and Mediterranean playfulness than
it is about sexuality.

Still, the bear’s a bit of a looker. Do you think this is indicative of
a wider trend in TV advertising, namely that is you’re going to do it,
you have to make it so striking that it’ll find its own legs on the
web? First Sony Bravia, then the Cadbury’s Gorilla, and now this.
We’re definitely seeing advertising pushed into the realm of
entertainment. The more fun a piece of content is, be the closer it can
be to being a product in itself and not just a commercial. That’s an
exciting thing for the industry. Whether you call it branded content or
not, we’re evolving into the production of media that goes way beyond
the confines of just selling the brand or service.

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ON: Contagious’ Interview with Orangina via @jpenabickley