Here is a shout out to the our Ice Breakers Team! Straight from MediaWeek!

Last week it was the Ice Breakers Spring Break ( this week Ice Breakers emerges on Lonelygirl15, the
pseudo-video diary that became a YouTube phenomenon last year, has
signed its first major product placement deal with Hershey’s for its
Icebreakers Sours Gum brand.

In a video posted on March 20 on the official
Lonelygirl site,, the show’s main character Bree is seen
offering her friends a piece of Icebreaker’s gum, and a closeup of the
product is shown. The sponsored episode of scripted teen drama is
slated to eventually be featured on YouTube and other video-sharing
sites in the near future, said officials.

This level of product integration marks one of the
more sophisticated examples of branded entertainment to emerge from the
rapidly-evolving world of amateur-created online video.

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