Today I was working on my plans on how we (TracyLocke Digital) will approach the mobile space from a activation and brand promotions approach.   I have been bombarded by new information on start ups.  Below I have developed a list of the companies that are hot and have forward movement in the Mobile 2.0 space.  There's definitely a lot of movement around on the mobile start-up front. Besides
Yahoo with Flickr and Google with YouTube going mobile, there are some very interesting
start-up companies going mobile.

Many of these companies are building easy-to-use mobile
web apps and services that work cross platform.  If you have a mobile tech company that you think that interactive marketers can use as a brand activation platform add you name to the list by dropping me a comment.

  • BluePulse
  • Cellfire
  • ComVu
  • Funambol
  • Gizmo
  • Loopt
  • JuiceCaster
  • Mobo
  • Mystrands
  • Plazes
  • Plusmo
  • Sharpcast
  • SlingMedia
  • Shozu
  • SoonR
  • TalkPlus
  • Widsets
  • Winksite
ON: Mobile Start Ups via @jpenabickley