If the last four hours of 24 was not enough for the biggest fans, Degree has created branded content micro site so that fans can get the word on the back stories on the Rookie. 
View the site at: http://www.degreemen.com/men/cturookie/ 

The Degree promotion is a series of side stories based on the 24/ CTU
universe featuring "Jason Blaine," a rookie analyst/field agent.

Chapter 1 of the online series was launched last night. The stories will connect to cliff hanger commercials and be
the basis for other Degree/24 promotions. More about the program can be
found here.

This isn't the first time that 24 has ventured into branded
partnerships, spin-offs or a combination of the two. "24: The
Conspiracy," was a mobile video spinoff developed for exclusive distribution on select mobile carriers and Toyota recently sponsored the Season 6 prequel which was bundled into the Season 5 DVD set.

In a new development, Fox has released a retail DVD
of the first 4 hours of Season 6 for the fans who may have missed this
week's airings.  For those of you who are 24 junkies, this may explain the episode 1 leak on BitTorrent.

The site would be stellar if it added an RSS feed and widget that I could put on my MySpace for promotional pass along.

ON: Degree Hooks Up with 24 via @jpenabickley