According to a recent study of senior marketing
executives by Evalueserve for Sapient, just over half of Chief
Marketing Officers (CMOs) believe that traditional, large advertising
agencies are ill-suited to meet online marketing needs.

Similarly, 49%
of survey respondents believe that traditional advertising firms have
difficulty thinking beyond traditional print and TV media models, which
no longer are effective ways of engaging consumers who now get their
information and influence one another primarily through digital

In my recent interaction I have experienced this first hand.  The big idea is only coming in the form of TV and print.  Furthermore, many traditional agencies are scrambling to try and apply the same TV and print ideas -communications- instead of developing a dialog or even a compelling story which is an engagement and can be measured by a lift in sales.  The study revealed that
the six most important factors to a CMO when choosing a marketing
partner are (in order of importance to aggregate respondents):

  •     Quality of Creative Content
  •     Innovation and Strategic Value
  •     Price/Cost
  •     Sophisticated Analytics and Measurement Systems
  •     Proficiency in Emerging, Interactive or Digital Media
  •     Traditional Print, Offline and Media Buying Services

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