Some major blog ad networks are expanding rapidly, and therefore confronting inevitable growing pains.

Media recently added a new automotive category and some 20 assorted
blogs, including Guy Kawasaki's, boosting the blog network's monthly
impressions to "hundreds of millions," Federated's chairman, John
Battelle, told ClickZ (via
MarketingVox). However, the recent batch of acquisitions could be the
last for a while as Federated seeks to build the infrastructure needed
to support further growth.

Competitor AdBrite is also growing quickly, having recently added
the 20,000th site to its network; the company plans to shortly
introduce new demographic planning and campaign management tools.
Though the network's roots are in blogs, it has expanded to other
publisher sites, and blogs are now only a small part of the network.

Meanwhile, Henry Copeland's BlogAds network is moving to a more
robust platform to accommodate even more sites. Copeland wants to
expand the stable of blogs available to advertisers, and also increase
the number of "mini-networks," blogs segmented by topic, such as
football or politics. He also wants to arrange ad buys on political
blogs by state, in time for the 2008 election.

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