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March 22, 20071 Comment

ON: Visits’ The New Measure of Web-User Engagement

comScore is adding a new metric, "visits" - which the measurement
firm defines as the number of distinct times people visit a site per
day, with at least 30 minutes between each visit - which could
potentially replace the pageview as a key advertiser metric, reports ClickZ (via MarketingVox).

Whereas pageviews generate a raw number of
how many pages on the site were hit in a given period, visits point to
a user's engagement with the site. Tracking visits, comScore says, will
give a picture of how many times the same person comes back, indicating
the level of loyalty toward the site.

Another driving force behind a new metric is that non-HTML
web-authoring technologies such as Flash and AJAX do not create pages
per se; therefore, pageviews don't, as a practical matter, exist and so
aren't recorded - even though a user may be interacting with the site.
Developers use these technologies because they build slicker and more
user-friendly sites.

One problem for advertisers is that visits, unlike pageviews, don't
correspond to ad impressions. But coupling visits with a site's reach
and the length of each stay offers a fuller picture of the site's

ON: Visits’ The New Measure of Web-User Engagement via @jpenabickley

September 25, 2006No Comments

ON: Blog Networks Expand Rosters, Ad Offerings

Some major blog ad networks are expanding rapidly, and therefore confronting inevitable growing pains.

Media recently added a new automotive category and some 20 assorted
blogs, including Guy Kawasaki's, boosting the blog network's monthly
impressions to "hundreds of millions," Federated's chairman, John
Battelle, told ClickZ (via
MarketingVox). However, the recent batch of acquisitions could be the
last for a while as Federated seeks to build the infrastructure needed
to support further growth.

Competitor AdBrite is also growing quickly, having recently added
the 20,000th site to its network; the company plans to shortly
introduce new demographic planning and campaign management tools.
Though the network's roots are in blogs, it has expanded to other
publisher sites, and blogs are now only a small part of the network.

Meanwhile, Henry Copeland's BlogAds network is moving to a more
robust platform to accommodate even more sites. Copeland wants to
expand the stable of blogs available to advertisers, and also increase
the number of "mini-networks," blogs segmented by topic, such as
football or politics. He also wants to arrange ad buys on political
blogs by state, in time for the 2008 election.

ON: Blog Networks Expand Rosters, Ad Offerings via @jpenabickley



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