(No. That title is not a mistake. And - no I am not claiming virginity - I have 4 kids, people!)
As many of you know I am attending the MTV Movie Awards.  On my trip out here to LA, I rode in on Virgin.  Branson has it right.  The consumer experience was amazing.  It all starts with the simple yet jet setting design that draws you to the smart messaging and functionality for the aircraft. 


Every detail was taken care of.  The private seating, computer menus, food, plugs for power and people service, not computer service, that was bestowed upon the entire air craft.  One of the coolest features was that I had a the power of choice at my finger tips. I was able to order fresh food when I   wanted it, from the screen at my seat.  Virgin brings back great service to the sky's.  I felt secure and well taken care of. What more could you ask for?

Now that I have landed I am staying at the LONDON in West Hollywood. The hotel claims a fusion of London meets Hollywood.  In my view the design is 1940's Hollywood meets a 2008 cosmopolitan glamor smack in the middle of the sunset strip that overlooks the Hollywood hills.


Update: While my quarters were sleek and the bath tub was the size of an NYC apartment, the service did not give luxury a new definition.  There was not a turn down service, re-stocking the mini bar seemed to be a challenge and I also question why Gordon Ramsey has so much buzz.  The food was at best OK. It lacked the food couture that one gets when they pay that much for breakfast. The breakfast service was terrible.  All in all I was not impressed by the London.

Stay tuned as I will be blogging my star studded MTV Movie Awards weekend from the road.


ON: A Virgin In The Sky via @jpenabickley