What will your future look like?  I envision a future that allows me to play with my tennis racket my knees will be transformed back in to m twenty year old knees that can sustain the sudden stop at the net.  To have a vision of the future one must know the past.  that is no different when it comes to your brand.  The Lacoste-Future site combines the rich history and give you a say in how their products will impact your future game.

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gives you a glimpse into the 2083.  A racket that meets the power of the shoe and the flexible fashion that brings new meaning to bionic.  The site's simplicity is the most exciting part of the future.  Easy navigation does not interrupt the full screen video.


The history of the action was just as important to the future action.  The easy to use widget (content sharing mechanism) allowed me three options to share.  The consumer generated-content submission was easy and told me how long it would be before m contribution was posted.

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Visit http://www.lacoste-future.com to share your vision of the future.

ON: The Lacoste Future via @jpenabickley