Today I was writing up concepts that were devoid of medium, they were pure ideas, pure messages.  Messages that evoked or contained emotion (shinny happy people).  On the way home as I putz-ed around with my new iPhone (yes .. I broke down and got one, and i love it!) I came to a conclusion on my approach to ideation. Its an idea no matter the medium.  One might express a creative vision for a brand in focus of the space they create in.

I am so tired of marketers approaching digital with fatigued or jaded attitudes.  Technology is not our focus.. Changing human behavior (buying habits) through the use of media is.

What technology has done is made it easy to do what was once burdensome and thus expensive. Technology has fundamentally linked the path of development in our (Western) society, and is wrapped up in our ideology. From time-to-time we use it as an instrument of our power relations as well.

Most often, technology is presented as a neutral enabler. However, on inspection, this is not the case all the time.  The web browser which enables us to seek out information and experiences does have its limitations, as does my mobile phone as does my television and even my car.  All mediums have limitations. As creative thinkers we must look as those limitations as opportunities to use creative thought in our executions.

In today’s marketplace of social media, social networks, vertical networks, in world networks and business networks we must target consumer behaviors as opposed to their age.  I think age and household income is important identifiers of the consumer segment, but the most important information we can have when crafting a brands strategy and relevant creative is… What are our consumers doing in our medium? How are they behaving online? 

When we answer that the ideas begin to flow and are naturally, simple and relevant.

Go forth and create!

ON: Technology’s Place in a Marketer’s Brand via @jpenabickley