Did you know that the average American worker takes 20 mins or less for lunch? When I heard that stat from Allison Hemming @thehiredguns I said "OMG that's me!"  Is this you too? Did you eat while working at your desk yesterday?

Most days, I do not leave the office to eat my lunch.  I usually sit at my desk, eat, work and answer emails.  When the weather changed in the spring, I took my first trip down the street to Bryan Park.  While sitting on the grass with lunch, I realized that I was loosing sight of how important it was to remove myself from my desk to find an hour of calm and inspiration. 

Help me stop the madness! Join in on a growing movement to Take Back Your Lunch. The Take Back Your Lunch movement is a simple idea about reclaiming something that's rightfully yours... LUNCH.  

Every Wednesday this summer, starting June 23rd at noon, in Manhattan's Bryant Park and in public parks nationwide, workers across America will be taking a collective lunch break. 

Rip yourself from those arduous emails and join me on June 29th for an hour of people watching and conversation in the park. Don't forget to bring a friend and a lunch.

To get more information about the Take Back Your Lunch movement  Check this link out http://t.co/6TXHiGP or search this hashtag #tbyl on Twitter.

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