LG has launched a fantastic promotional site.  The new Smart Light monitor site offers you a front seat to in depth discovery while taking on a worthy cause.  LG's technology works like an owls sight.   Its predictive features are integrated into this well designed site.

When you play with the site's functionality and navigation you realize that the site holds the promise of the product incredibly natural ways.

Picture 3

The curios clue finder ties in a social media streams by taking in feeds from Flickr photo pools and YouTube content that allow the user to experience detailed discoveries. This functionality is perfectly designed as it does not attempt to "build community", which is a mistake that many brands make.  

The design aggregates existing content and uses it to entertain and inform the user.  In my opinion, this the way we should be looking at utilizing social media platforms and their functionality.

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When you visit the showroom the site offers one of time most beautifully designed demonstrations of technology that I have seen in a long time.  The Cinema mode is captivating.  It made me want to trade in  my Apple display for the Smart Light monitor.

What would a 2.0 site be with out a widget for bloggers? Now most of you know that I think that in the past year widgets have just been abused. A widget is there to facilitate the spread a good idea - it is not the idea. This one gives me a real reason for displaying it on my blog.  If I can save one animal it was worth posting it. 

The only criticisms I have of the site is that the writing could have been stronger by explaining the humanitarian reason for deeper engagement, the site and content is not coming up in search engines as well as it could have and in the widget section the drop down menu used to select your country is a bit over designed and hard to get to your country easily.

I encourage you to discover this site at :http://www.smamot.com/en/

ON: LG’s Smart Light Monitor Experience via @jpenabickley