Designing the perfect experience is what drives me when i come up with an idea.  When I was designing the digital experience for Room-A-Day, I needed to find something that could be used for acquisition, conversion as well as retention. 

The Kimberly-Clark widget was created with the fundamental tenants of CRM 2.0 with the power of  mass social media reach.  I did countless hours of interviews with different widget companies, played with different interfaces and designed several scenarios . After all that play, one stood out as not only the strongest multi-platform installer,  but it also gave me the strength of a rich media ad server and ad network. 

Many of you have asked how The Kimberly-Clark Widget was so easy to implement across all social media platforms.  The answer is a phenomenal partnership with a widget platform (Wildfire) and ad network (Gigya).  While we created the idea, designed the video and widget interface, it was Gigya's Wildfire that let us do what we do best - which is the strategy and idea.  Gigya's technology has facilitated many more installs than we anticipated for the campaign.

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